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December 27, 2010




You sound like one of the hordes of lemmings so easily lead by this administration. I'm sure you believe in global warming (global decption)too and all that this administration wants to cram down your throat as a result of this hoax. I bet you believe everything you see on TV too.

I have no regard for this administration, and very little regard for our federal government that sees fit to feed people like you the propaganda that makes you dance their tune.

Welcome to the blog.


Thanks for the list of compliments! I knew I could count on you.


Yeah, no death panels, oh, sorry, they must call it something else now..........Like End of Life Decisons by the Government.......Wake up creep...........

Idiot Hunter

Dave...nice to have an additional "voice" on this Planet Reese site.

This site is worth the price of admission(snark).

As you have all ready found out, Reese and his cohorts are big-time birthers, deniers, nativists, birchers, teabaggers, and defenders of the Constitution(when it suits their views).

When Reese pointed out that "rights and liberties" were being trampled on by the "gubment"(great play on words there, Dave)by postponing the game you get a sense of his mindset. He and his fellow cult members see a "gubment" conspiracy around every corner.

It's a hoot. Check in every day. Tell your friends to log on as well. It is hilarious.

Happy reading and welcome to the "World According to Reese."

Dave Thomas

"People usually choose whether to brave the weather or not on their own terms. There are no guarantees that people would or would not have been hurt. Instead of allowing people to freely prioritize and make an informed decision, the government took things into their own hands and made a mess. THAT is what's wrong with this picture."

Well not really. The government provides the weather data that is the basis of nearly all weather forecasting. Their goal is to maximize commerce and minimize risk. But if people choose to disregard this information and make poor choices that put them at risk in the name of free will, bet they immediately call that infernal meddling government to come save their asses on some blizzard-swept public road. Of course this will be at taxpayer expense which I'm sure the free-choicer will reimburse the gubment for.

This is of course while they are trying to get to a private football game which ironically is probably played in some facility that was taxpayer subsidized but is really just lopsided corporate welfare for a couple of rich bastard NFL owners but that sort of deal always seems to be ignored by the tea-bagger types because as Reese points out we don't want the gubmint trying to control a great American pastime, as if the NFL were on a par with Old Faithful or something.

In the meantime, the state of NJ has declared a state of emergency, NY City is paralyzed by the blizzard, the heaviest December storm in 60 years, 6,000 flights are canceled, train and bus service is disrupted, and the whole I-95 corridor between Boston and Philadelphia is a giant mess.

Oh, and did I mention the NFL cancelled the damn game?

Advocating pointless risk taking as some sort of patriotic right by presenting uninformed opinions as fact. Great piece, Reese. Do me a favor and stay away from leadership positions least you get someone killed.

Dave Thomas

Greeleygirl, there is no such thing as a "death panel". Your folk sounded like idiots the first time you tried out this Luntz-ism, and I can't believe you are trying it again.

Well, actually I can. I guess you have others like you to believe each others' nonsense. Kind of like Furbys.


Y'know Idiot, just one problem. You're working off the assumption that I believe you.


Who gives a fig. I am trying to figure out the Death Panels that Obama snuck into the Heath Care Plan over the weekend......Football, be damned............


idiot! Where have you been!

I was really afraid that you had either fallen off the map, or taken an alias. I'm sure glad you are back.

I think technically you are correct, in that the NFL called the game, but can you imagine the potential liability to the NFL when the mayor of Philadelphia declares a "snow emergency" and they still ahve the game? How is 6" to 10" of snow an emergency? Isn't that something we take in stride around here? I can remember going to Bronco games in more snow than that (winter of 1988 blizzard).

I believe the NFL fears the litigious nature of todays society, and who are they to override the mayor of Philly? I agree with Penn. governor Rendell; too many wimps these days.

Idiot Hunter

Hey gods...can you read?

The NFL postponed the game...the NFL, NOT, I repeat, NOT the government.

May I help you out? The NFL, NOT the government, postponed the game.

You wingers see "windmills" in everything.

I'm going to try this again. A privately owned business entity postponed the game...NOT the government.

I'm hoping you now understand. I hope.


People usually choose whether to brave the weather or not on their own terms. There are no guarantees that people would or would not have been hurt. Instead of allowing people to freely prioritize and make an informed decision, the government took things into their own hands and made a mess. THAT is what's wrong with this picture.


Thank GOD at least someone reasonably sane got to this first (Thank you Idiot Hunter)... I wonder if the author would've said to screw the people that got hurt or dead if they had ventured out into the snowstorm... to see a FOOTBALL game...

Idiot Hunter

Looking out for the safety of individuals in dangerous driving conditions and Brett "disses" the government? 70,000 people impacted by the weather in a potentially deadly scenario and Brett chooses to take the low road. Only in America can someone like Reese take government to task for something so logically and reasonably thought out. Any chance to deride government, eh Brett?

Oops, Reese, once again, "screws the pooch" with his lack of "checking the facts." Something he does on a regular basis.

The NFL postponed the game. The NFL Mr. "Overreact without the facts" Reese.

Even your most ardent admirers are going to start departing this site if you don't start commenting on FACTS and writing about the TRUTH instead of making things up as you see them. No one likes a liar.

If you'll lie about the reasons for the postponement of a game will you lie about other comments?

Will you apologize and correct yourself for misrepresenting the truth or will you justify your stance, somehow, with further gobblety-gook?

Your admirers and detractors breathlessly await your response.

Tyrant Fighter

Now didn't the NFL along with the NASCAR and the girls scouts get monies from TARP?

Tyrant fighter

Who watches sports, or better yet who watches TV? I wouldnt have known this fact if not for reading it here!

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