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January 14, 2011



Hhmm. Poor idiot thinks liberals are a race. I have a question to ask you, idiot. Who's more racist: those who want black people to be independent or those who pamper them, tell them they're being oppressed and that they should depend on the government, and call them mentally ill and insecure if they're not democrats? If you're thinking "Not all 'African Americans' are democrats?" I have a list of black conservatives for you: Zo-Nation (sorry I don't know his real name), Michelle Malkin, Condoleezza Rice, and many others.

Aunt B

Idiot, you have no idea how far off the mark you are. Not that I owe you an explanation, but I assure you I am not a bigot or a racist, and I am definitely not going to hell (according to God's Holy Word). So you can sleep soundly tonight knowing that. Thanks for caring about my soul's afterlife...sincerely!

It's so obvious how the leftist liberals use name-calling and wild accusations of racism to try to put honest and decent people on the defensive. This tired old schtick has been overused by uncreative, lazy-minded progressives to the point that it has become absolutely meaningless.

Idiot, you will be in my prayers as well. May God soften your hardened heart.

Idiot Hunter

aunt are the most racist of all the posters on this site...congrats.

I'm pretty sure that every right-wing poster here, except dennis and vern, is a rabid bigot...i've seen nothing or read anything to refute their lack of commenting on Reese and his accepting of stormfront as a source.

Truly sad and troubling. Hell is full of aunt b-types and her fellow racists.


You mean name calling like "sexual degenerate" and "communist?" I hate it when people resort to such name calling.

Aunt B

Idiot and other progressives simply cannot tolerate diversity of who are the true bigots? Unable to win arguments with conservatives based on merit, the liberals/progressives resort to name-calling and defamation of character. It says more about them than it does more than the conservatives they attack.


just to let you know, Idiot, this isn't the pirate's site. It's a link. Wow! now you know Brett Reese is too busy with his own life to constantly watch this site like a hawk, or like some idiots i know of.

Idiot Hunter

And STILL no condemnation of Reese by his sheeple for his lack of understanding the need to disavow stormfront. A neo-nazi/white supremacist site. Spin control is working here. sheeple are really good at changing the subject but not very good at addressing my point.

Nice job're making my argument for me. Well done.


you love dave,

"if you can't identify the problem in a sentence or two, you don't know what the problem is"

Odd choice of words, considering your rant.

We do have a few things upon which we agree. Namely put the entire school board in a blender. My real issue with SD6 is horrible performance combined with extremely questionable response from the board (#1 being to lower the graduation requirements in order to increase the graduation rate, like we're not going to see right through that), while they try to maintain status-quo. I appreciate Brett for drawing attention to this and trying to make a difference. Something I have learned, over my generous years, is that the louder the opposition yells and screams, kicks and spits, the closer you are to the truth and the solution. There sure seems to be a lot of kicking and screaming around here, mostly by liberals.

I fail to see how conservative values are harming SD6. Could you be more specific? Are you talking about no prayer in school? Ever notice how our schools have been in a steady decline, experience more violence and teen pregnancy on the rise since we removed God from school. As I have mentioned before, my children have been in both public and private (Christian) charter schools. Do you think I know the difference?

Tyrant Fighter

No such thing as bad publicity..... it is all good lol ratings are climbing.


The best part is Reese whining about a capitalist competing for Reese's "non-profit's" business.

Idiot Hunter

I Love Dave...brilliant, absolutely brilliant essay.

Unfortunately your message will be lost on the right-wing sheeple on this site. Brett is their "new" god and you won't be allowed to "diss" him for they see a leader who is one of them...bigoted and bitter. They will hem and haw, and then revert to tried and true cliches of the far right.(And they will NOT condemn Reese for his neo-nazi/white supremacist stance).

You appear to be a new reader of the drivel that Reese writes...he says a guy named Sam writes this, not him. Don't believe it. Go back and check on previous rants...pure hate on a myriad of subjects.

Welcome to the "jungle." Hunting is easy here. Bagging your target is no challenge. Like shooting fish in a barrel.

Tyrant Fighter

I love DAVE is off her(his?) freakin' rocker! People like this are the very sad and will never have peace or happiness in their life. The poor lost souls of these misinformed wierdo's need to have some real prayers said for them. Try one of the feel good churches if nothing else? SAD to say the least.

I Love Dave

Dennis & co.-

The school system is a mess because of very right wing values. It is being drug under because it is tasked with batting cleanup for the messes created by supposed conservative values.

We shall not call them "conservative" because they have a parasitic corrosive uncaring element that traditional conservatism did not feature. When did Greeley turn the corner to the downhill slide where it is today? When Ken Monfort, ardent Democrat btw, was forced to trash the union at his company in the name of "competition". Well, competition as defined by a certain other company in his industry who decided they could sure make a lot more money if they just stopped giving a shit about the pesky people who worked for them.

I can't say I really knew Ken Monfort, but I'm willing to bet he went to his grave filled with regret and remorse over having to make a "good business decision" that he probably knew deep down in his heart would have tremendous consequences in anathema to the values he held. Before the union went away, I attended schools in Greeley with kids whose dads worked at Monfort's and their moms stayed at home and took care of them. After the destruction of the union, I no longer encountered parents or kids who were woven into the warp and weft of the community.

I don't blame Reese for anything, I just think he represents the misdirected energy that is sweeping over this country. Ultra right-wingers like the Koch brothers harness the genuine anger of middle America for their own personal totally parasitic self-aggrandizing agenda. So Reese is a tool, just another magician's left hand "Watch the Reese while my right hand picks your pocket!" And the problem is, the Reese defenders rise up all Pavlovian any time anyone criticizes their man, even as he sweeps dangerously close in character to the Loughner guy in Tucson. They both profess values bordering on inscrutable and inexplicable, they both love their guns, they both exhibit persecution complexes, they both seem unable to grasp the nuanced complexity of the world around them, instead choosing to blame the problems of America on simplistic easy to grasp yet often totally wrong popular pablum. And Loughner probably wondered too why no one wanted to sit next to him.

Why doesn't anyone from Greeley Report / Greeley Gazette ever actually focus on the sources of the problems around here, over the top capitalism gone bad companies like JBS Swift? They run a company that is nothing but a drain on the community (unless you are lucky enough to sell them cattle or grow them grain), with their crappy low paying jobs that only immigrants willing to live 15 to an apartment are willing and able to take. And their kids drag down D6, not because they are bad people, but because they are stuck in a country where they don't speak the language, don't have parents who have the time, energy, or skills necessary to make their kids educational successes. But we've got our slave class, cheap meat, and all is good! The Greeley Report sycophants (giving GR unreasonable credit for actually influencing others) can then use their free time to conflate immigrants, liberalism, socialism, marxism, "entrenched saboteurs" (wtf?), etc, into one giant paroxysm of distracted un-Christ-like pseudo-patriotism. "OOO if we criticize anything about capitalism gone bad, our trainers will activate our Un-American shock implants! The only cure will be to hunt from helicopters and have illegitimate grandkids." But I digress... Ever heard the maxim "Question authority"? THAT's patriotic. Distracting with wedge issues, buzzwords, and talking points? Now THAT's treasonous.

The D6 school board is a dysfunctional mess because it is trying to be a servant to myriad ridiculous contradictory goals; the Reese Attention Getting capers show is just another flippin' distraction from what is really wrong here. Reese is busy tearing down MLK for no apparent reason except he is interested in fostering "critical thinking and debate". Well, he is not good at it, and I'd be happy to hook him up with experts at UNC who could help him with this goal but since he just wants to throw stones, his lip service to critical thinking is obviously a red herring. Oh yeah he dated a black woman once. OMG as the kids would say, a variation on "I have many black friends". Yeah whatever.

Yes, the whole school board needs to be put in a blender, along with Ranelle Lang. She is there to fulfill the stupid metrics of her position, just happy graduation numbers and CSAPs that don't completely suck. And so she gives the school board valium brownies, convincing them to go along with whatever ultra-un-innovatiive solution she can concoct. Very short term success, long term uberdisaster. "But we need to do it this way!" she tells them. And they all respond "ooooo okay. you are smart. we are not smart." It's so trite, but as said, repeating the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. And to invoke Einstein, if you can't identify the problem in a sentence or two, you don't know what the problem is. In the meantime, Brett is telling them all about his concealed weapon. Brett, you seem a little unclear on the point of a concealed weapon permit...

The whole SD6 mess is a canary in a coal mine, and if Reese and company were such champions of critical thinking, we'd see them all going after the REAL sources of the problems in this community. When Reese starts calling for a boycott of JBS, I'm running out and sponsoring some damn thing on his station.

Dave was Here

"Servant leader." It's another paradox, isn't it? How can you be a servant and a leader? Doesn't one cancel out the other? But here's another paradox: Servant leaders are the freest of all leaders. Servant leaders know why they lead... and they know Who they lead for.

-Tim Hansel

Which explains why Brett the Ineffective is doomed to failure.


Global freedom declined for a fifth straight year in 2010 as authoritarian regimes dug in worldwide and crime and unrest plagued democracies like Mexico, a US watchdog said Thursday.
In "Freedom in the World 2011" the Washington-based Freedom House said it had documented the longest continuous period of decline since it began compiling the annual index nearly 40 years ago.

"A total of 25 countries showed significant declines in 2010, more than double the 11 countries exhibiting noteworthy gains," the group said.

"Authoritarian regimes like those in China, Egypt, Iran, Russia, and Venezuela continued to step up repressive measures with little significant resistance from the democratic world," it said.

The recent decline "threatens gains dating to the post-Cold War era in Africa, Latin America, Asia and the former Soviet bloc."

The report classifies countries as free, partly free or not free based on individuals' ability to exercise political and civil rights, taking into account political systems and other factors like war and crime.

Idiot Hunter

And STILL no condemnation of Reese by his sheeple for his lack of understanding the need to disavow stormfront. A neo-nazi/white supremacist site. Spin control is working here. sheeple are really good at changing the subject but not very good at addressing my point.

Nice job're making my argument for me. Well done.



It appears that the only thing you believe in is the destruction of Brett Reese. I have invited you, on numerous occasions, to express your principles and beliefs to us, as we have for you. You either exist to destroy Brett, or you have no principles. What else are we to believe?

....or maybe, it is that you are so fascinated with Brett? Why are you so obsessed with him? Are you attracted to him in some way? Do you secretly admire and worship him in such a way that you fear your homosexual tendencies will be dicovered? Perhaps you are jealous?
Just what is it idiot?

Idiot Hunter

And STILL no condemnation of Reese by his sheeple for his lack of understanding the need to disavow stormfront. A neo-nazi/white supremacist site. Spin control is working here. sheeple are really good at changing the subject but not very good at addressing my point.


Hey Corey, Taco Bell is hiring. You don't even have to speak a word of English. Might want to tell your girlfriend.
As for us, we are behind Brett all the way. He is a voice of truth and reason, something that is hard to find on our illustrious City Council.. Wow, Maria, smart move.........Get outta there..........


Often conservatives are labelled as racist, or right-wing-nut-jobs, or radicals. It is interesting to me that conservatives are lumped together with Christians. In my estimation, that is a fair comparison. I am not saying that a liberal cannot be a Christian, the argument is made that Jesus would be a liberal (I doubt He would take a political stand), with some merit. The problem today, in my perspective, is that the ideology of the typical conservative Christian was predominant in society only a generation or two ago. Now we are considered "radical". That is a sad commentary on todays society. If you do go to church, particularly the new non-denominational Christian churches where they play rock music and avoid hymms to attract the younger crowd, did you ever notice in their music the predominance of the words "I, me, mine, us"? Who are they worshipping? It seems as if God has taken a back seat, even in church. Are we becoming our own gods?

Idiot Hunter

No condemnation of Reese's advocating for stormfront?

If you agree with Reese and his use of a stormfront initiated article then you truly are a bigot...especially aunt b. "I judge all people by who they are, etc." BULL!! His racist acceptance should be soundly rejected, but not from the "Lovers of the Reese Bandwagon."

People that choose to see only what they want would think that Reese reading that trash is o.k. Folks, his reading it proves that he agrees with it. That article written by a neo-nazi/skinhead is all anyone needs to show Reese's true colors. White, and only white. You can try to act like you all love all people, but it's a smokescreen and most citizens of Greeley see it for what it is. Bigotry behind the screen...loving all in front of it.

Enjoy your eternity in hell.


Why thank you Aunt B, for the most sound and reaasonable take on this whole controversy. You are truly a wise American!

I would love to hear an argument as intelligent and respectful as yours. You bring civility to blogging.

Aunt B

Thank you, Brett Reese, for giving me the opportunity to hear the truth about Martin Luther King, Jr. Why was this the first time I heard about the allegations? Could there be a conspiracy to whitewash facts about some historical figures in this country?

Being a member of a minority population myself, I don't discriminate against anyone else because I know how it feels to be unfairly judged. I do not understand how anyone can judge anyone else by the color of his/her skin, or, for that matter, by gender, height, weight, wealth, etc. I judge a person by his/her character, veracity and integrity. Does anyone else feel they have been duped by a "progressive" society which endeavors to control the "narrative" of certain individuals (a certain POTUS comes to mind) due to their darkened skin hue? How incredibly presumptuous to believe that ordinary Americans cannot be trusted with the truth to make up their own minds!

MLK Jr will remain an American icon regardless of the controversy. What is truly sad is the fact that he has been portrayed as larger than life, above reproach and infallible. The only direction for a person put on a pedestal is down. He was only human and, as such, capable of sin and error. Why all the uproar about the truth? The truth shall set you free!

My prayers go out to Mr. Reese, his family and his businesses. I am in awe of people like him, Sarah Palin, President George W. Bush (and the list could go on about other conservatives, i.e. Levin, Beck, Malkin, Geller etc) who live by their principles and are unapologetic for their patriotism and faith in God in spite of the venom spewed at them continuously from people who hate them for no other reason than they are good...good, mind you, not perfect.

These are scary times in which we live, and my hope is that everyone will take an honest look at themselves and their beliefs and then take a stand for what is right and good and decent. No longer should some factions of the population be allowed to control the narrative or hijack the truth!


THis discousre is quite funny. If you look at it from the beginning, it opens with 4 liberals spewing filth and hatred. Now how about we start all over.

My name is Dennis, I am a conservative. I am not a racist. You know they are actually not the same. Funny, huh?

Now I don't think any of you know me, so why don't you please behave yourselves. It is sad..., the state of dialogue. Try to say something constructive. For once.


See how you liberals are; slash and burn.
Its funny, conservatives are charged with acting to conservatively, but liberals never act liberally except when it comes to someone elses liberties. When they can't make a viable point and connect the dots they scream, like you just did, "Shut the f*** Up!!
Did you know you call actually type that Corey.
It looks like this, ..!.. U

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