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February 07, 2011



just another reader,

I could say much about liberal 'slash and burn' tactics; killing the messenger or having nothing meaningful to offer by simply asking, what are your credentials for giving mental health evaluations?
Anyone, with good authority, would recognize your statement has little data presented to substantiate such a charge and so is merely an opinionated attack since it has no substance and adds nothing to the conversation, but could be construed as an attack to quiet a 'supposed threat' of differing opinion. At best, it is at risk of hit and run liable.

You have placed yourself into the category of "mindlessness" of which you are attacking me. You have placed your own creditworthiness at question. Liberals who use your tactics should be forewarned as the cases of internet liabilities have grown and when the definition of eventuality tells us that "all that can happen will happen", the unsustainable liberal movement will be seen as the failure it is.

But in trying to understand your motives better I wonder what it is that compelled you to so 'off the cuff' to write what you did. It is here where I believe the source of suffering and failure to comprehend rests for you and other liberals. You must not like such posting as mine from, My Bondage and My Freedom, by Frederick Douglass, but rather choose to misunderstand the purpose or relevance of it in your modern-day world.

Is it that you are unable to discuss slavery and color? Do you feel its now politically incorrect and should be swept under the bed? Do you think you can admonish it and keep it from ever raising its head again? Are you affraid that slavery is reserved for blacks only by whites and thus out-of-bounds for discussion? That only the black race is susceptible to being victimized by it, as though it is a fault, in their genes, a flawed unit of their heredity.

Mr. Douglass felt otherwise when he wrote:
"I found there were puzzling exceptions to the theory of slavery on both sides, and in the middle. I knew of blacks who were not slaves; I knew of whites who were not slaveholders; and I knew of persons who were nearly white, who were slaves. 'Color', therefore, was a very unsatisfactory basis for slavery."

The article to which I was responding (plainly shown above) addressed inequality, the definition of which has not changed since Mr. Douglass wrote his story in 1855. It only illustrates that little has been learned from then until now. That the death and suffering of so many people who have formed our history can now be lost on our first black President and you, so aptly named, "just another reader".

Perhaps it is you who has let Obama's "Transparency" go to your head. I fear it is you and your kind that has misinterpreted the "Change" he has in mind. Perhaps it is you who has stepped over the edge and is now falling into the abyss known as incoherance (sp). Yes, losing ones mind is a terrible thing, but its another to willingly let your brains be sucked out!

PS: incoherence

just another reader

Powerball has just stepped over the edge and is now falling into the abyss known as incoherance.
Losing ones mind is a terrible thing.


Who could say that the servants of Col. Lloyd were not well clad and cared for, after witnessing one of his magnificent entertainments? Who could say that they did not seem to glory in being the slaves of such a master? Who, but a fanatic, could get up any sympathy for persons whose every movement was agile, easy and graceful, and who evinced a consciousness of high superiority? And who would ever venture to suspect that Col. Lloyd was subject to the troubles of ordinary mortals? Master and slave seem alike in their glory here? Can it all be seeming? Alas! it may only be a sham at last! This immense wealth; this gilded splendor; this profusion of luxury; this exemption from toil; this life of ease; this sea of plenty; aye, what of it all? Are the pearly gates of happiness and sweet content flung open to such suitors? far from it! The poor slave, on his hard, pine plank, but scantily covered with his thin blanket, sleeps more soundly than the feverish voluptuary who reclines upon his feather bed and downy pillow. Food, to the indolent lounger, is poison, not sustenance. Lurking beneath all their dishes, are invisible spirits of evil, ready to feed the self-deluded gormandizers which aches, pains, fierce temper, uncontrolled passions, dyspepsia, rheumatism, lumbago and gout; and of these the Lloyds got their full share. To the pampered love of ease, there is no resting place. What is pleasant today, is repulsive tomorrow; what is soft now, is hard at another time; what is sweet in the morning, is bitter in the evening. Neither to the wicked, nor to the idler, is there any solid peace: "Troubled, like the restless sea."


Auckland: Do you really believe that being obese means that you have an overabundance of food? NOT ! It usually means that all you have left at the end of the month is enough to buy some speghetti and hamburger. Good food cost a lot more than high calorie food. Seniors don't have the money to shop at organic food stores. At least all the ones I know..........You must travel in different circles than most of us. Funny what money can do to your mind, huh! May you never go broke and have to eat what they give you at the food bank.


The good news is Wadhams has decided to not run for state GOP chairman!



I cannot speak for RR, but could you please explain to me why you think the federal government should govern what we eat?

Can you point to anything in our Constitution that indicates that any branch of our government shall dictate to us our eating habits?

I am interested to hear.

....and just curious, why the diatribe about Reagan?


I especially loved the Reagan tribute as the neocons continue to try and revise history so we will all have warm memories of the Reagan years and continue the charade that their policies work. Forget the part where he raised taxes 11 times, tripled the federal budget, increased unemployment with his '81 tax cut, ballooned the federal government, gave amnesty to 3 million immigrants, illegally funneled weapons to Iran, vetoed anti-aparthaid legislation, and helped create the Taliban by funding Islamist mujahidin fighters in Afghanistan.

Oh and grulygirl: the US has the highest obesity rate of any industrialized nation. But seniors need leftovers! Speaking of someone who needs to get a clue how the real world works...


Hey Dennis, have you heard that the Prez and his Mrs. are not invited to the royal wedding.......Gee, what a shame...........


If only michelle obama would heed her own advice. She might drop a couple of dress sizes.

Now check me if I'm wrong. In the USA, if one is fit and attractive they serve as an inspiration to others who wish to be the same way. People will ask them, "How do you do it?" At least that used to be the way it was. That is freedom. I don't believe that michelle obama can legislate a change in our diets (thank God). I mean, don't we have enough of the feral government the way it is? I'm sure the left will champion her cause, ie; San Francisco.

I heard that this AM too. I got quite the chuckle out of it! Especially now that I've heard about their SB party menu.

People this is good! We must continue to document the obama's aristocracy. They actually are no different than hollyweed. I noticed the camera flash to all of the celebrity at the SB. On one occasion the camera showed John Madden texting somebody, right next to him was President Bush. Joe Buck commented on John Madden and carried on about him for a moment or two, and then as an afterthought he mentioned, "oh and there's President Bush".

Oh well.


Ah, here we go again. Michelle Obama trying to tell us what to eat! I heard this AM that she is trying to get restaurants to serve smaller portions of food......Is she nuts or what? Seniors take home what they cannot finish and that may be their next meal........Wow, someone has got to give this woman a clue as to how the real world works................

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