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February 03, 2011




Do I sound fat?

I just don't know how I could outlaw lust, as that is a heart issue.

I don't know how I would outlaw greed either. Greed is such a complex thing, as it is a motivating factor; for example, do you have a job? Would you like a raise? How about the lottery? Wouldn't it be nice to win the lottery?

Gluttony? Have you heard michelle obama lately? I wonder what her dress size is? No, I couldn't fairly outlaw gluttony.

Premarital sex. Preformed artfully, with contraception (as this is where the real "choice" lay (oops, no pun intended)) is too, a personal choice (that's kinda where the "artfully" comes in..., maybe you don't know anythang about that?).

Co-habitation? That's OK too, as long as the bills are paid.

Coveting my neighbors stuff? That's my neighbors job.

I am against gay marriage, but not against a civil union. Get it? I know it's kinda deep for you. I just wish to protect the sanctity of marriage.

I'm against illicit drugs, as it is the scourge of our nation and society. It is also a weapon of our enemies to destroy our country from within.

Obviously I'm against destroying babies - murder. I could never figure out why the LLD's spend so much of their time saving baby whales, but at the same time murder unborn children. It's kind of my premise in saying that the LLD's are unprincipled.

You are welcome to live in my state, so long as you can keep from killing babies, selling illicit drugs to children, and calling gay unions marriage. Now I know those are pretty stringent rules for any unprincipled individual to abide by, but it keeps the peace in my free state. Note: You could even be gay if you want. Even form a legally recognized union with another gay (but only one each). Just don't call it marriage. OK?


I want to live in Dennis's state. We'll outlaw lust, greed, gluttony (are you fat, Dennis?), premarital sex, cohabitation of unmarried couples, and we'll definitely outlaw coveting our neighbor's stuff. That's the freedom we're looking for.


What I really love is the way that Obama has suddenly become a Christian. Anyone notice? Well, 2012 is getting closer and he has to make up points.........


Talk about a slow day - you must have months of them! But tell me, since you are a libtard, which group will be more able to afford Reisberg's socialist agenda. The wealthy who have nice new cars or the poor who have old cars held together with twine and wire?
Now I know the new cars are better for the environment, but since you are a libtard, how will the poor keep-up? Obama took all the used cars that the poor may have bought off the market and sent them to the crushing machine with his car rebate program. That took thousandsd of cars out of reach for the poor. Now it's even harder for the poor to up-grade their cars.
You know, you people think that Obama is on your side; that he will bring equality to economic disparity, but when you look at policies like this, it makes no sense. It creates more disparity. You think Obama is a socialist reformer who will create social justice. But when you plug that theory in here, as with so many of Obama's agendas, it doesn't fit. So what does fit Brian? I will tell you.
Obama isn't a socialist or a communist. He is an anti colonialist. He wants to punish countries that he perceives, like the USA, that have colonized smaller countries for their resources and labor markets. Now I'm sure you got a tingle up your leg with that one, but consider this: If this is true about Obama, what's in it for you? You are just as much a part of the problem as I am to him. The thing he hates most about us is our way of life. I'm talking about our economy. Obama wants to level the playing field, making your home equal to a hut in Kenya or an adobe house in Mexico, Afghanistan, or yes Egypt.
so move away from your computer Bubba. Go to the garage and get a Hamm and smash it. Smash your car while you're there. Then unplug the refrigerator and TV, then smash them. Throw-out the dip and chips you bought for the game, call your neighbors, find a goat and have a goat-bowl (or whatever they call it), find your nearest bus stop and get ready to wait for seat or hang onto the side of it like they do in India.
No Brian, the day isn't slow -YOU ARE!


AHHHHHHH Dennnis, you are soooo right...................


I tinks I struck a chord with tonto, calling him idiot and all.

Will the real idiot...., please stand up!



That's the attitude.

Ever hear the story about how to catch wild boars? It's all about building little fences that go by unnoticed by the "general" population (you know, the type that doesn't see any harm in the "little" things the government implements to increase its control, you know the type - people like you).

What I want to know is how these clowns became empowered to pull this stuff off. I didn't vote for it! Did you? Did anybody (really, I don't know)?

Here's the deal; I promise to vote in any way, shape, or form to minimize the government. No holds barred. Especially the feral government. The ONLY way to return America to freedom is to reduce the feral government to within the limits set forth in our Constitution. Empower the states. This way a state can, through elections and proper representation, determine whether to legalize abortion, or not. Then people that like to kill babies can go live in states that like to kill babies. Freedom. Conversely, if you cherish life as God given, then you can live in a state that bans abortions. Freedom.

As it is now, with the feral government empowered beyond the constraints of the Constitution, we all have to live by other peoples morals and principles (provided they have any). This would not be fair to LLDs (Leftist-Liberal-Democrats), if in fact LLD's had to abide by ANY moral code. I think all LLD's should have the freedom to do drugs, marry goats, mock Jesus (ya'lls favorite past-time), accept illegal immigrants (and pay all of their entitlements), marry sheep, pigs, cows, lamp-posts and pay exorbitant taxes so that everybody is the same level of poverty.., blah, blah, blah................

On the other hand, people that live by real moral codes and principles will have the freedom to live in a state that shares their views of free-markets, men married to women, don't commit genocide on unborn babies, earn their own keep and raise their children with high morals and dignity.

So you see, we all win. Onliest thang we gots to do..., is minimize the feral government. No?


Wow - slow news day huh?

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