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March 14, 2011



The US dollar is teetering on the precipice of irrelevance in the global market. Events such as those that occurred this weekend in Japan loom as triggers to topple the global reserve currency, the USD. Already there have been discussions, without US participation, amongst OPEC nations, China and Russia to discontinue acceptance of the dollar for oil. When this happens the value of the USD will plummet to lows never before imagined. China is aggressively selling off the USD. Many markets in Mexico and Europe already do not accept the USD.

When this happens the price of a gallon of gasoline will be double-digit. Can you imagine the price of food? For those who thought a global currency could never happen, familiarize yourself with the term "Bancor". That will be the name of the currency to replace the USD in the global markets. How else do you think we will get out of debt? How easy would it be to pay $14 trillion in Bancors when a Bancor is worth a billion dollars? Only problem is we don't have any Bancors. That will make us the poorest nation on earth. Do you think George Soros' wealth is in dollars? Think again.

The only way out of this is to eliminate corporate tax, and 90% of the regulations our business' are strapped with, thereby massively increasing jobs in the USA expanding the tax revenue base, reducing entitlements paid to the jobless. Unfortunately we would also have to increase personal income tax to a flat rate of 20%. We should also aggressively take action on the GAO report of agency duplication and government waste and ban obamacare. Pull all of our troops back from overseas and use them to seal our borders tight. It wouldn't hurt to substantially tax all imports. Forget the WTO.

Drill baby, drill. Stop importing oil from our enemies.

We need to take action now, or kiss our country good bye.

Tyrant Fighter

If any country is used to dealing with radioactive fallout it is Japan. The "world economy" will fall without fail, and the central bankers are running scared right now. Don't sweat it Greeley Girl God is on our side.


Personally, I am more worried about the Japanese ecomony and how it will GREATLY affect us...........

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