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March 30, 2011




I like the way you think. Since I have been of voting age, I have never seen an issue as clear and pressing as this. Do we grow government, or shrink government? I can think of no reason to grow government. Somebody please offer me a sane reason to expand our government!


Just what does all of that debt represent? I think the debt will never be repaid and it represents the amount of socialism we have enacted, elected if you prefer.

Any person who wants government to increase aggregate revenue and spending should be placed on one side of the line and every person who wants aggregate revenue and spending to decreases should be placed on the other side of the line.

If you want more education funding, what are you willing to trim back?

Are you expanding government on the whole or are you shrinking government as a whole?

This should be the new 2 party mandate. One party wants government to expand; one party wants government to shrink. May the voter decide the winner.

Just remember, every time you ask the government to do something that it is currently not, you are asking for an expansion, unless offset by a different government reduction.
For example, a new law that required motorcycles to have seatbelts would be an expansion of government. You would belong to the expansionist party rather than reductionism party.

If you are status quo, you are by default an expansionist, because interest alone is creating expansionism.

How come both the R’s and D’s are advocating an aggregate expansion of government? I thought we had 2 parties and party trumped person. That’s for sure; both parties together trump the individual.


Given the present state of our enormous government debt I just don't see how we can afford to continue expanding government. Perhaps it is time for the people to tell the government how much the government can spend. No? Ultimately we are headed in that direction. It cannot be avoided. The sooner we can shrink government, the sooner we will be free again.

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