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May 12, 2011


Bobby J.

EPA created a bedbug epidemic.

Bobby J.

Other than the fact the GE is our government is Obama, I do not understand the media cover-up? It is worse than you can imagine. This article does not begin to guess at the possible economic ramifications, only environmental and health concerns. Without electricity I am not sure who is going to make all of that affordable Japanese stuff?

Friday, 13 May 2011

Uranium fuel in at least one of the six reactors at Fukushima has melted, the operator of the crippled nuclear plant has said. The admission effectively torpedoes a plan to flood the overheating fuel with water and bring a quick end to the worst nuclear crisis since Chernobyl.

Tokyo Electric Power Co (Tepco) said water levels have fallen at least one metre below fuel rods inside Reactor 1 and that melted fuel has dropped to the bottom of the reactor's containment vessel. Engineers are working inside the reactor building for the first time since the crisis began when a hydrogen explosion blew off its roof following the huge quake and tsunami on 11 March.

Tepco general manager Junichi Matsumoto told reporters in Tokyo that the discovery means its timetable to entomb the containment reactor vessel in water may have to be scrapped. "We can't deny the possibility that a hole in the pressure vessel caused water to leak," Mr Matsumoto said.

Observers fear that Reactor 3, which contains MOX plutonium fuel, may have also suffered a meltdown, and the situation inside Reactor 2 is still shrouded in mystery.

Bobby J.


You are a fruitcake. You a doing mankind a diservice with your over heated rhetoric.

If this were my website, I would allow you to exercise free speech elswhere.

FYI, God is not the man in your mirror.

Bobby J.

Go to 19:50 to learn how the EPA is screwing all of us! You should watch the entire video but 19:50 explains the EPA prevents us from suing when we have been polluted against.

If you cannot sue to protect your property, we are all doomed.


LoG, You are talking about oil companies. the subject was the EPA. Supposedly, the difference is like "the fox and the hen house", but it really isn't. They both are power/money mongers.

Rey, Your comment, "Brilliant--we can't control India and China, so to hell with our own environment." is the the exact same argument the Chinese use because they are in the middle of their own industrial revolution. Remember, the Chinese walked out on Obama in Copenhagen.
Then you wrote, " And I didn't say I like the existing EPA, I said an independent EPS [sp] is a good idea."
You have an independent EPA sir. They direct the actions of Obama and the Democratic party. But, they are not elected by you the people. Try starting a business, any business. Then you will get a taste of the EPA. I'm sure they even have regulations for a flee circus. The flees must be neutered! LOL!
Hey, there's a good job for idiot hunter!



I do not need your permission, or invitation, to participate in this conversation.

Where did the "n" word come into play, in any of this?

Does your Mom know you are blogging on this site?


Brilliant--we can't control India and China, so to hell with our own environment. Good logic. And I didn't say I like the existing EPA, I said an independent EPS is a good idea.


Powerball, you truly are brainwashed (or you own stock in oil companies). Do some research outside of fox news, glenn beck, rash limberger and the drudge report.

Your repeating of the teabagging and far right misinformation is stunningly naive.

Haven't you checked the latest info on the profits "your" oil companies are making while receiving "subsidies" from taxpayers?
Think they give a hoot about the environment. The VAST majority of "your" scientists that deny climate change are social scientists. The report that the right used in trying to debunk climate change has been itself debunked.

For god sakes man, wake up! You appear to be the new manchurian candidate.


And dennis, stay out of this conversation. God is not setting the gas prices, contrary to what you want to believe.

I'm sure both of you believe the "negro" is responsible. Oops, you guys prefer to use the other "n" word don't you? Sorry.


Why don't you go to China or Indian with your independent EPA and get them to work with America? They are the countries with massive populations to feed. Or maybe the EPA could get the Saudies to lower the price of a barrel of oil, instead of sticking millions in the pockets of rich Arabs, so American farmers could grow grain for food instead of growing food to put into gas tanks, ethanol. Where was the influence of the EPA with world leaders in Copenhagen?
The EPA is about lowering American standards of living to match those of poorer countries not to fix the problem of fail states and the environment. The EPA is capitalizing on misery.


There is no solution, but a reasonably independent EPA isn't a bad idea. What's yours? Brett Reese (when manic rather than depressive) and Franklin Graham?


I'll stick my head up Brian's A**.



Your EPA hasn't stopped this; has it?

So many people are ready to flag problems. Not so many are willing to offer solutions.

What is your solution?


So there's no limit to how much carbon monoxide (or carbon dioxide, both natural atmospheric elements) we should have? And once radiation has been in the atmosphere for a couple hundrd years, we don't need to worry about it? In the idiot race between Jim and Brian, Jim is the idiot by eight lengths.

Jim Lexborn

Actually, Brian, you CAN be too careful. Carbon monoxide is an atmospheric component and we've been burning coal for a couple hundred years. Are you planning on living a couple hundrd years? Idiot.


While you're at it, make sure you include coal from our power plants and Carbon monoxide from our cars. Can't be too careful out there.

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