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June 01, 2011



Bobby J.

Brett is running point. He has had the courage and fortitude to stand against the status-quo. The cost? Take a look at what is happening now. I, for one, appreciate his efforts. Brett is in there plugging away against enormous headwinds. Could you do the same?

Of course you may agree with SD6 and want to maintain the present course. That is your freedom. I completely disagree with what is happening in SD6, and schools across the country for that matter. I have had children in private Christian schools, and in public schools. I can tell you that the government has no business in our school system. Where, in the Constitution, does it say that the federal government is to educate our children?

And take a look at what is happening down in Texas! Complete 1st Amendment violation.



Thank you for your kindness, and may God bless you in kind. Know that you always have a brother in Christ.



Brett has accomplished exactly what he wanted--draw attention to himself.


Bobby J,
Have you not been Following the school board. Votes are 6 to 1 on a regular basis. Linda Trimberger insist on having the agenda filled with fluffed up nonsense. Bretts agenda items never make it on the Agenda. Until more conservative like minded individuals stand up nothing will change with this school board. Are you willing to take a stand and get the changes started????


GO get em Brett! We are behind you all the way. Time to remove the stale School Board and get someone who will listen to the people. WE pay the taxes.. We have the say......

Tyrant Fighter

Who in the Sam Hill do you think you are blocking comments? LOL Just Kidding. I think it is about time to remove those comments from the accusers who actually think they know. I am behind Brett Reese 100% on this, and think that she should be made public, the teacher/accuser of the bogus trumped up charges. I would also bring her into a court system and sue for defamation of character. A female dog is a "bitch" and that seems to fit in this case totally. Keep up the good fight Mr. Reese!

side note: Dennis I am sorry for the loss of your father, and my thoughts and prayers are with you as they are with Jesus our Lord and Savior.

Bobby J.

What has Brett accomplished? Has he lowered tax rates? Has he paved the way for vouchers? Has he provided education choice and competition? Has he increased administration efficiency?

WTF has Brett Reese accomplished?


On March 28th I buried my Dad; otherwise I would have been at Farr Library to support Brett.

Thank you Brett for pioneering, in your own style, dissent among the complacent. We all know that you are a little rambunctious, but thanks for bringing attention to an area of great need in our community.

As for the tribune, they are only helping to bring more attention; however, I've noticed that they have completely stopped reporting on Brett Reese, since Brett has indicated that he will take legal action against them for their blatant character assassination.

Keep up the good work Brett.


Blocking comments? That is a step worthy of the 'lib trib.'

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