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June 02, 2011



Not one example, eh Dennis? Well done. And what's your remedy? Revoke the citizenship and deport all Muslims? How do you determine who is and who isn't a Muslim? We have a Constitution that guarantees the free exercise of religion--even those with whom you don't agree. And yes, Islam was around at the time of our founding. You don't have to look at England, it's not the USA. Look at Dearborn, Michigan. They have a very significant population of Muslims. Any evidence of creeping sharia there? None.

You can believe whatever you want, but you can't persuade a logical person with belief. You need evidence and facts. And when your beliefs are contradicted with facts (i.e., ribs), your beliefs look silly. God gave humans the unique ability to scrutinize the world around us. I'm pretty sure there's some scripture about testing God. I can live with that.



How many state court systems were assaulted by sharia 20 years ago? 10 years ago? The point is that we are being assaulted. Perhaps none of the suits has been successful..., yet. There will come a time in this country that a vast majority of our population will wish that they paid closer attention to the mounting evidence.

I asked if you had talked to anybody from England about sharia law. Have you? Europe has been a example of what will happen here, if we don't take the necessary steps to prevent it. Those steps could best be outlined by the people that have had to deal with sharia in the past.

I have no authority to examine your faith, as for me? The Holy Bible is the Truth. I cannot live as I am called to, nor can anybody else, as we are all sinners. That is exactly why we need the Holy Bible.


Not even one, Dennis? Sometimes, it's not about belief. It's about evidence and facts. Kinda like how many ribs men and women have.


Yes.I am about far-right as one can get. You are onto me!

I firmly believe that any other source (main-stream) are propaganda. You believe the other way. What of it?

Why do you suppose our Southern border is still unsecured? Because our liberal government does not want it secured. You trust people like that?

Only time will tell. For me? I am prepared.

Did you think they would defeat us with guns?


Priceless. You criticize the mainstream press then link to far-right paranoid websites. Well done. Why don't you describe ONE instance of an attempt to apply or enforce sharia law in the USA. Then, cite to more than one source. No Obama for me. Make mine Gary Johnson.

Who do you think Sam is?


You are the problem. You are exactly what our enemies are counting on. You accuse me of ignorance? Look in the mirror. You assume that you are more knowledgeable than I? You do not know me. You all have scales on your eyes, believe what the "mass media" spoon feeds you every day, and role along like nothing is happening. Ever read the story "The King has no Clothes"?

I'm curious; are you going to vote for obama? did you know that his "budget" was unanimously rejected by the Senate (democrat majority)? Has that EVER happened before? That clearly shows that he does not have a clue about economics. Is this your leader? If it is...., then I guess I've said enough.

Ever talk to anybody from England about sharia law?


I think Shirley has been drinking. She must have meant "no more" and that Islam is "most certainly NOT a form of government." She's right, though. I'll take a boozed up Shirley over Dennis.


Dennis: you made assertions: "There is a vast difference between islam and Christianity. islam is a form of government and cannot comply to our Constitution, yet the greatest problem we face in this issue is the role reversal; our Constitution is being interpreted to comply with sharia law." without any evidentiary support. Your assertion is objectively false. We don't just disagree. You are wrong. Islam is more more a singular ideology than Christianity is, and it is most certainly a form of government. These are ignorant assertions. When has our constitution ever been interpreted to comply with sharia law? Cite one court case. Just one.



You do not know what I know. You disagree with me. Let's leave it at that.


That you are ignorant and lack an informed view of the world and history. All confirmed by your question.


Roger - not worth responding.

Shirley - what is your point?



The ignorance returns. Do a little research on Indonesia or Turkey.


Now Greeley is becoming a Muslim Sanctuary? A year or so ago it was the Mexicans are taking over Greeley, oh what can we do?
Now it's the Muslims, oh what can we do?

Who's next on the boogieman list?

You all have to have one so you can justify your pitiful existance.



It is unfortunate that you do not see what is going on in our country. Much effort has been poured into political correctness to bind us to a misrepresentation of our own Constitution. Our Constitution is a perfect target for sharia law. It is being used against us as a weapon quite effectively. I admire your attempt to be unbiased, but realize that the "good-peaceful" muslim may not be activist, or terrorist, they are compliant and therefore complicit.

There is a vast difference between islam and Christianity. islam is a form of government and cannot comply to our Constitution, yet the greatest problem we face in this issue is the role reversal; our Constitution is being interpreted to comply with sharia law.

This is not a racial issue. It isn't even a religious issue. It is a security crisis promising to rob Americans of our freedom. Ever go through an airport? Do you like getting "felt-up" by another guy? Remember when you could just board a plane? Those were the days.

sick of it

Paul, pull your head out of the sand. You need to attend some meetings. Greeley is becoming a Muslim Sanctuary. Look what they did to Swift. Time off for prayer, None for Christians. Special foot baths, nothing for Christians. How long will this crap go on? And what will be next?


Millions of Muslims in North America. One story of a dozen families in Canada, who did nothing "barbaric." To the contrary, they are the most dedicated and grateful students in our district. I wonder why people call you racist. Hmmmm . . . . Our Constitution already prohibits Sharia, but it sure is fun riling folks up in fear of the bad guy, especially when he is a different color and practices a different religion.

No more barbaric Muslims than Christians in Greeley. The free market is doing what it should--accommodating the buying preferences of the customers. Do you want to outlaw that?

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