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July 13, 2011



Thanks for commenting about the jets. I wasn't fast enough to get a glimpse of them, but they had to have flown right over my house. It sure put a different perspective on things for me like what it must be like to have an airliner crash in your neighborhood or what its must be like when they go after people in foreign countries. They're so fast, you hear them coming and then they're gone. 1 - 2 - 3 and its over. Truly awesome though.


Tyrant Fighter,

Tiered rates was a fancy way of saying " substantial rate increace for all users except the few of you that use less than 500KWH per month."


Powerball: yeah, I saw it. I was driving and heard, then saw, two jets flying over. No idea what kind, or what they were doing, though.


powerball, did not hear this one, but have been hearing more and more aircraft lately. When I moved up here seven years ago NEVER heard a thing. Now it seems like an airport over my house. What is going on?

Tyrant Fighter

The very reason for the tiered rates is so that they can lower the demand on the grid that Coloradoans paid for, and sell that extra power to California at a higher rate. I know they charge almost double but I refuse to raise the temp on the thermostat to allow Californians to use their AC. Follow the money.


Sorry to change the subject, but did anyone see a low flying jet over Greeley about 9:30 this morning?
I heard something, it sounded like a huge semi or something coming down the street. Within seconds I knew it was a very low jet and my instincts told me there was going to be a crash and I might be in it. I was inside, but actually braced myself. It was incredibly loud. It all happened very fast. I ran outside to see what I could, but by then it was gone. Even then I found myself listening for a crash beyond the trees.
I'm not sure, but I think it went from North to South.
Just wondering if anyone else saw or heard it.


Energy is tremendously overpriced due to the quazi governmental nature of the PUC. There is no competition or price mechanism. The tier rates just hit, my bill is up 15%. There was no price drop, what a lie spin.

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