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August 08, 2011


Bobby J.

Tyrant Fighter,
Here is a link to the 45 goals.

45 goals and not one of them touches on abortion or drugs.


Sam, read 'em and weep. No "insider" access necessary.

Tyrant Fighter

This all being done by design, the communist agenda is not a conspiravy theory!


As long as our school system is controlled by liberals the primary focus will be on indoctrination, rather than education. Liberalism is a sickness.

Obvious to anybody with an IQ (Shirley?) is the fact that liberals have controlled politics for the past 60 years.

40 of the last 60 years the democrats have controlled the Senate. 46 of the last 60 years the democrats have controlled the House. 50 of the last 60 years the democrats have controlled either the House or the Senate.

Shirley, congratulations! You finally put forth an idea, rather than continually bash and harangue people that do.

Grades are not an incentive? Scholarships are not incentives? What about pride in doing a good job? What about parenting? Teaching?

I know, lets make the CSAP a video game. I'll bet then we'll get a response.


Shirley, I agree with you. But the performance of the administration and everything they have said has been tied to the supposed improvement of CSAP scores up to this point. Lang got her huge pay increase based on something. So let's find out what is going on. Change CSAP to something like you recommend. It's a great idea. But in the meantime, let's roll some heads in District 6, too. The news isn't good no matter how you slice it.

Bobby J.

Finish 423.

Bobby J.

Down 447.

Bobby J.

Pre speech 370
Now 433


CSAP is not a very good measure of a school or teacher's performance. Test the same kids, once at the beginning of the year, once at the end. Provide some incentive for the kids to perform well. I'm a genius and would have put forth no effort on a CSAP.

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