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September 15, 2011


North Face Down

Go for someone who makes you smile because it takes only a smile to make a dark day seem bright.


Parties always spiral downward. Even if a new party were to be created, it would sooner or later become corrupt just like the others. That's why citizens must ALWAYS remain observant and vote by their ideals, not just park their brains at the altar of entertainment and vote the party-line way. Auto-pilot is not an option.


I am probably much more informed than yourself about the Iran-Contra scandal, knowing more of the "behind-the-scenes" goings on from first hand parties involved. It has more to do with drug trafficking across our Southern border than you have been lead to believe. Hint: "Fast and Furious" has its roots.

Neither of our two political parties are immune to this corruption. This is why I advocate a viable third party. We have been "gamed" for generations by our our current two-party system. Good-cop, bad-cop.


Vote republican to keep the democrats out of office. Did you not read my diatribe?


Yes Dennis, always vote Republican, they are our salvation.


....that not withstanding, we've a responsibilty to ourselves and our country to change the direction we are going.



The enemy is within, within us all.


It's not that generic Bobby J.

Americans are at war (metaphorically - Shirley). The enemy is within. The enemy has the upper hand, but that is changing. If we all wake up and realize that the enemy's general, for the time being, is BHO,then we can all make a difference in 2012. This will only be a minor setback for the real enemy (communism), so we all MUST maintain our vigil.

Never, EVER vote democrat.

Develop a viable 3rd party that is more conservative (American) than the republicans; thereby, eliminating the democrats as a viable party.

The enemy we face now is more venomous than any foe we have ever confronted. This enemy is the natural human tendency of complacency, quickly filling the void? - tyranny. Presently we are being attacked by social governing, which feeds the complacency. Once this low-hanging fruit ripens government control and regulation accelerates (now) to put in place the necessary infrastructure to eliminate our Constitution (presently very weakened). Fortunately light is being shed on the criminal and un-American activities of obama.

Now, what can we do as citizens to get this scumbag impeached?


Bobby J.

You dont get it.

The gun manufactures pay these bums millions under the table.

Obama accepts all kinds of kickbacks. They all do.

Power corrupts.Money rules the day.


obama is after our 2nd Amendment rights. He will stop at nothing to get this done. The question is WHY?



Look what Obama did with your tax dollars given to Solyndra.
Workers are reporting that they threw away $100,000 a day in faulty solar panels!
It is also being reported that the administration knew this WHEN THEY GAVE THEM THE MONEY!

Now if you don't think Obama would sneak guns across the border, rotating them to the North, killing Americans
You are crazy!
There is nothing, NOTHING, this traitor will not do to America!

I predict this man will be found responsible, and has lied about his knowledge and evolvement in many matters.
In the end Obama will make Nixon look like a choirboy.

Obama needs to go --NOW!

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