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September 07, 2011



Until the day they are banned from US soil, you'd be arrested for pulling the flags down. As you would at Bauder Elementary. But, don't let that stop you.

All this fuss over a staged photo...Get over yourselves folks.



I tell YOU what. The UN needs to be banned from USA soil. It is a contagion! I vote accordingly: anti-multi-culturism, anti-socialism, anti-liberalism, anti-communism, and not least of all anti-democrat.

Do you think I'm in the minority?



I tell you what, Dennis, why don't you go try to take down the flags of other nations outside the UN. That's productive. Its just a freakin' display, for crying out loud, where someone decided they just didn't want to see them and faked a "crisis" with a staged photo.


I will proudly display the American flag on my house on 9-11. I will pray to God that my country, America, will restore its greatness as a God fearing, moral society that conducts its policy on sound principle.

I will NEVER have any part of displaying the flag of any other country on our soil. I was born American, and I will die American.

This is what's missing.



Dennis, what point? That Sam Hill, Brett Reese, et al, can continue to market a staged photo as being a valid news item? This whole thing's as realistic as the photos of the man atop the World Trade Center as one of the planes was coming in...



Cannot stop until victory can be claimed. This point must be driven so far into the ground that we draw oil!

Tyrant Fighter

Enough already.....I would say the horse is a bloddy pulp and is not feeling a thing as it has been DEAD for a while now.


Dear Lord,

Please forgive me. My duty is to my country. My heart and my soul are Yours, dear Jesus.


Serious question James (ye that has become desensitized),

Why are there ANY flags other than the American flag?

Are the nations represented by the other flags supporting your children's education?

WTF is an "international school", and why am I paying for it?

Look beyond the blinders, that have been provided by liberal multi-culturists, covering your eyes like scales. WAKE UP!

Are you an American? Where is your pride?

Can't you see that we are alone in this world?

GOOD QUESTION CUPPAJOE! Where is the Isreali flag? Are there no Jews that attend the school?

Too much wrong here.



It still floors me that anyone even thinks the original photo was anything other than staged. This entire thing is a stunt to get GR & its benefactors with the Gazoo pub. Just look at the characters involved and you'll see the principal at Bauder is much more reputable than anyone writing here or for the waste of space & money known as the advertiserless Gazoo.


I see a few flags in that new photo that are at least partly Islamic green. I wonder if they would care if the flag for Israel with the blue and white stripes and the star were placed right beside them. Would that offend Muslims? Of course it would.


In some desperate effort to keep attention on empty space, you asked PSD a number of questions. One of them is "What were the children at Buader taught?"
As the parent of a 2nd grader there allow me to answer: I will use this example to teach my son to be very, very careful about what he reads, especially when it comes from those who claim to be our protectors.
Now let me ask you a question: how is your coverage any less deceitful than the liberal media you profess to despise? Are they not both lies? Are you not both liars? What good do you accomplish when your lies are just the opposite of their lies? But most importantly, what is conservative about unfairly and dishonestly attacking the very community where you live?
Conservative principles begin at home. At least that's the sort of conservatism I was raised to believe. I don't recognize your brand, but I don't care for it at all. I think I'll call it liberalism.


You should be ashamed for what was obviously, and has since been confirmed as a complete non-story. The flag incident at Bauder Elementary was at best a childish prank and at worst staged vandalism. There was absolutely no reason to drag the School, Principal and Staff into this "controversy," a nothing sandwich if ever there was one. A responsible member of the Northern Colorado community should know better than to engage in media sabotage at the expense of our wonderful region. You are an embarassment to the conservative cause. For shame.


My prediction? Whatever valid and reasonable answers they provide won't be adequate or acceptable for this site.

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