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September 12, 2011


Rick Jones

I think Poudre/Bauder needs some work on their understanding and presentation of our country's founding. They use the commonly used phrase "separation of church and state" in their response, a phrase replete with misunderstanding.

They said:
"As you know, our country was founded on the principal of separation of church and state"

Actually, it is more correct to say that our country pioneered the concept of freedom for religion and that our Bill of Rights includes a provision protecting against intervention by Congress to create or inhibit religion.

The original intent is little understood, and less frequently adhered to today; and if Poudre/Bauder and all other schools want to be honest brokers of history they need to adjust away from use of the corrupted phrase "separation of church and state" as that phrase appears nowhere within the Constitution or the Bill of Rights and its persistent use only serves to perpetuate an all too common misunderstanding of the role the founders intended for religion in American society.


I would think, given our country's shortcomings academically, that they would get rid of the fluff and focus more on the three "R"s.


Sad thing is I doubt Greeley schools are any better....


Hmmmm. It seems this "multicultural school" knows about the religious ideology of some things (like the Crusades), but they don't know how to handle the U.S. flag. Since the U.S. colonies were more than 95 percent Christian until 1800, I assume the school district will heavily weight their art, literature, music and other things with Christian influences? Probably not. This response from them is a bunch of P.C. garbage. They act more like they try to protect their multicultural reputation more than they do patriotism and America. Somebody needs to send this to every person on their school board.

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