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September 26, 2011



Sorry, my grandkids are too smart to believe any of his crap.....


Amen Dennis.


Rick Jones,

You damn right it happens every day. One only has to have kids in school to know. To cut the head off of this monster is to shut down the DOE.

Rick Jones

I remember, a couple years back, when I told some strangers that I worried about today's kids being indoctrinated (I don't recall the specific topic of discussion, environment? history?, I don't recall) and the one woman in the group was shocked, repeating, "indoctrinated" as if it could not be a serious statement. And, yet, it happens everyday and always has in some form, for some purpose.


Of course Obamanation will propagandize the children. He has lost all credibility with adults on the left and the right. And yes, just like you wrote Sam, this has been done throughout history.

When you can't argue the law, argue the facts.
When you can't argue the facts, argue the law.
This fool can do neither! He has self-neutered himself personally and politically.

Zero plus change still equals zero.

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