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September 08, 2011



I hope you find time to finish. There are truly some great conversations in it. I watched it twice.



I started to watch this, but haven't had time to finish it yet.


I watched a great show on Frontline entitled "Faith and Doubt on 9/11".
You can also watched it online:

It may disturb you but try to see it through if you can. I would like to hear your thoughts afterwards.



Bravo, Powerball, bravo!


Someone told me that the refugees that we are inviting into Greeley are receiving a thousand dollars a month plus medical and food stamps and WIC. True? I stood behind a robed, face covered woman who purchased ten gallons of milk, multiple boxes of cereal and two shopping carts of various items. What is going on?


Yes Shelly there are lots of things you can do.
This incidents with Poudre Schools, though it is happening here at ground level/in-your-face, is but a subsequent condition of actions and policies put in place higher-up. The theory of "trickle-down" carries with it many more consequence of an empirical state than economics. To put it simply, there are always strings attached to money.
Imagine a family where the Federal Government snares the father into becoming a progressive-socialist, a liberal. In exchange for a handout he will embrace all policies dictated to him. Whether he perceives those mandates to be to his and the families best interest become irrelevant because, and be sure to understand this, in his mind he has made the decision of "dependence". Something somewhere in his past has influenced him enough that he is left to feel inadequate; unable to navigate life on his own without assistance. Now this is quite a trap to fall into because some of the policies of the government are designed to do just that. Roadblocks, regulations, are put into place that make life very difficult. Take for example slavery of blacks, the civil war to free them, the civil rights movement, and then  instead of insuring they were not discriminated against social programs were put into place that kept them  segregated into housing projects, school districts, and welfare payments. You don't think so? The same thing happened to the American Indian! The government took lands belonging to the American Indian so they gave them, designated, unserviceable land in exchange, reservations, and told them to stay put. No land was taken from blacks. They were brought here but had no claim to land especially above those of other immigrants and with the problem of color discrimination the problem has remained to morph. Even though thousands of northerners were killed in the civil war racism was prevalent in the north. It wasn't racism that fuel the war, rather it was an argument over the morality of slavery. We are still fighting the civil war of our forefathers today but slavery has been dead since the war. 
What has transpired is a great scheme by the left at the expense of black and white. You've heard the story it is better to teach a man to fish than not to and give him a fish everyday instead. What is the connotation when you say to somebody, "Here, I will give this to you because I'm more successful than you and thus I can spare a little"?Just like the father analogy and what happened to the American Indian, it sucks humanity from it's victim. Progressives and socialism have worked it's way in this manner throughout our society for decades. The trap they lay is not for the insnared it is for the free and those that treasure their freedom. Once a man gives up his innate instinct that he is a man born free it is very hard to convince him otherwise. You must show him to help him regain confidence in himself. 
That is why everything Obama has done since he first took office and opened his pie-hole of a mouth has been so wrong. He is the President of the United States. He is not just the president of blacks or the poor. He is the president of everybody. Yet he stated that he wanted to redistribute the wealth and went about doing just that. He gave money to auto unions breaking-up investors in that market. His "Jobs Bill" will spend money he doesn't have. It's and end run around the Debt Ceiling action taken by congress. Obamacare too is a mandate that will cause government to have a hand in doling out healthcare cemented by the fact that it will put insurance companies out of business. In the end there will be no insurance policy you as an individual can afford. Just like the blacks living ghettos with subpar schools wait for their welfare checks or the American Indian living on reservations were they are told to stay you to will become a dependent of the Federal Government.
What can you do? I will tell you this. History is like your seventh sense. You cannot know where you are going unless you know where you've come from. If you took a road trip would you be able to find your way home if you didn't know where home was? Read, learn, learn, learn. Check your moral compass. That is best done by taking self out of the equation. Once you are well prepared the rest will flow like steam from a pressure cooker. You will be so full of life and the desire to set mankind on the path he was meant to follow you will not be able to contain yourself. Then you are armed to walk the talk.
All of the incidents, like described in this article, are scabs on a much larger sore. The definition of disease is: without / ease. Our society has a disease. You must understand what causes it in order to treat it. Many people on the left have bought into the program because they are thinking only of themselves; have lost their moral compass. They have lost their God given instinct of freedom for themselves and their fellowman. They seem to think they can have one and not the other. I will not put my morality into the hands of a man like Obama! He isn't even true to himself. 


I would hope the school district has better things to do than to respond to this nonsense.


What can we do to make sure that there are consequences for this happening? I emailed Poudre School District. Is there anything else that we can do?

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