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November 08, 2011



So God acts in response to our commands? The Lord's Prayer asks only for bread. Otherwise, we defer to God's will. Praying to serve our desires seems backward to me.


I pray frequently. Rarely do I pray for myself. I pray when I see a car accident. I pray for my hard-working wife. I pray for the safety of my family. I pray that America can return to the Constitution.

Mostly prayers are personal and unique to the sender.

Every day we face evil, in numerous forms. We walk among sinners, as those sinners walk among us - sinners. If we could understand the imminent threat that surrounds us every day, then we would pray more. The saddest thing I see are those that deny, or hate God. I pray for them too.

So many in our once great country want to take this goodwill away from us.

there will come a time


According to an example in John 2, we can influence outcomes through our prayers, as long as they are not contrary to God's will/intent. Prayer does make a difference.


I pray to listen for God--not to tell him to change liberals or anyone for that matter. So often, people pray for God to make their own life more comfortable or to vindicate their own points of view. Seems frivolous and insulting to the sovereignty of God.

God Bless America

The point of prayer is that God tells us we should pray. Believe it or not, God listens to the prayers of His people and we are blessed with a relationship with God Himself when we pray earnestly and humbly.

He even tells us to pray for our enemies. What do you think would be the point in that?


So what's the point in praying if God is in control and will ensure that his will prevails?

God Bless America

The extreme left has been shoving their immoral agenda down our throats for years, and they think they are succeeding. What they need most is our prayers, though, because they do not understand that this is truly a fight between good and evil.

God is in control, always. He has a plan, and His will shall prevail.


politician = dirty word

This is child abuse.

Just how far will we go? This is not America. We have been hijacked by the left.

True Americans must unite. We must bear, from this filth, a new America. We must leave behind the most despicable and dust our feet of the Marxist-Communists that are presently taking aim at us.


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