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November 17, 2011



You write, "Two state legislators will hold a formal hearing. . ."


I think in that, there is your answer.

The things we are seeing in the news: OWS, the debt crisis now at 15 Trillion, our legislators in a super committee (LOL), a president (and I use that term loosely) that sees no other way to maintain "equality for all" and govern other than to redistribute wealth, and an electorate that is split down the middle is akin to Moses coming down the mountain and finding his followers worshipping bronze images. Just like those Isrealites America will wander in the wilderness for 40 years. An entire generation will pass before the people come back to their senses and they won't manage that without leadership!

For decades everyone, the left and the right, has felt the seismic shift in this country toward socialism. The left cross their hearts each month as the phony money comes in and the right has been asking how much longer that can go on. In 2008, when the economic crisis hit, we were told we're broke and now the European Union is finding the same thing. In Europe, the middle east, and across this country with OWSers, due to advances in media communications, we are witnessing discontent across the spectrum, the world. There is a rhythm gaining momentum in the hearts of men and the one melody that's emerging is that leaders everywhere have failed. 
There is a theory of physics called "entropy". It is that from order follows chaos. In the dynamic of human evolution the element of chaos is man himself. I doubt the nature of the world would blow itself up without man's atomic weaponry. 
In a sense Obamanation is right when he said America has become lazy. The problem with his insight into that is it's limited to his own self interest making him just another idiot at the helm. Again we have no leadership, but I regress. What I do mean to say is that technology, in many respects, has left the average man in the dust. He has in essence rendered himself to become a "product" of technology, not the master of it because he has relegated any potential moral hazard to the back of the bus placing himself (one) ahead of the rest of mankind, thinking that will somehow workout. The people of this country have disavowed any responsibility for themselves and have placed their own well being into the hands of our leaders who under any microscope are men of greed just like themselves. 
We crossed a sort of timeline from the era of our founding fathers when men were responsible to grow crops, hunt, fish, and keep himself warm to a period of social evolution where man can now specialize his talents and pool them together with other talents of other specializations into a working body. But when we did that, again I say, we placed the moral hazard part of the equation to the back and ignored it to wash our hands of it. 
What is strange is that America has come full circle in it's search for equality. We moved from having slave states, finding that slavery was wrong ACCORDING to the law of the land we had placed before ourselves to live up to and act as a beacon, a signal fire, to the rest of the world that according to our best judgement all men are created equal with the freedom to find their own happiness to a world where my happiness is dependent that you share with me what it is that makes you happy. How has this happened? It has happened because we have leaders who have learned how to bend the light of day. They have cornered and cohered men into believing in an "all for one, one for all" mentality and have gone into the night and erased from the barns wall the "one for all" part leaving the "all for one" part translated to themselves with the connotation you might get a small piece if you play the game right and have few options left otherwise by ways of threats. Didn't Obamanation say that if the debt ceiling wasn't raised he wouldn't be able to send out social security checks? The threat was it's really not your money, it's mine! He failed to see what a gaff that was because he didn't even offer to send the principal portion of that promise. In other words you would be just as likely to get your share of contributions back from Uncle Willy as from Uncle Sam! Our leaders think you can't see the light of day between their words and fifty percentnof the population seem to like it that way. Why? Because in their heart of hearts they don't want to see the days light. They think they have won something, that the laws of human nature can be turned off, that they can take from one unto themselves and no harm is done, but they're wrong because in that equation someone else must put in what's being taken out, physics pure and simple, and man is a product of physics not it's master. 
And so for their justification of socialism to work they will have to see the return of slavery. Otherwise no one will pay! And who better to understand the dynamics of this than our president Obamanation who should be able to understand slavery from both sides. But when you have a president who drags out the Lincoln Bible and holds it in one hand and expounds the virtue of redistribution of wealth on the other hand you have one of three things. Either a man who is a fool but thinks you're a bigger one, 
one who believes in slavery of one race or class over another, 
or one who is so unversed on the history of this country he must be working for some other nation.
The voters need to decide, but they shouldn't be fooled into thinking they are the "one" and everyone else is there just for them because they will find they have over 300 Million competitors, all of them knowing in their hearts that "All men are created equal". 
Or is you that not equal?
Or you?
Or your kid isn't equal?
Or mine isn't?
Who the hell is equal?
Who wants to be our next slave? They have buyers for your children!!

Bobby J.

The American Upset.

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