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November 25, 2011



God Bless America,

Thank you for the great link! It is long, but well worth the time to read. I fear that America has abandoned God long ago. The truth does not have gravity any longer. Most people are only about their own truth, and care less about the only truth.

I am prepared to serve God, with my vote and my heart. The truth can be hard to live with, unless one makes peace with the truth. America has failed His one "acid-test", by approving of abortion. With pregnancy being the single most preventable "medical condition", we continue to murder the most innocent, without regard. We even defend our murderous rampage. Who among us was not a fetus?

The social rot does not end there.



Just listened to the Presidents speech for Thanksgiving. What a bunch of baloney.

God Bless America

Dennis, keep up your faith to fight the good fight. Here is an article you must read; it is a must-read for all Christians in America today.

Bobby J.

Study the First closer.
Redress-direct communication with government.

Add these all up and you have freedom of thought and the peaceful expression thereof.

Would the Creator or mud puddle, want it any other way?

The other 9 amendments are iterations of the First.


I couldn't agree more. Our freedoms are being assaulted daily by the liberals, and their mouthpiece, the mainstream media. This assault will accelerate as time goes by. True Americans must unite against this assault.

Thank God first, then praise our 2nd Amendment rights that ensure our freedom.

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