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November 23, 2011



If you don't like foreign oil, you should love electric cars. Most of the energy needed to fuel electric cars comes from coal--something we have plenty of.

An agenda can't kill anything. Laws do.

If we became energy independent, the cost of oil would drop, and the wealth of countries like China and India would rise, as they would purchase the energy from other countries that we currently purchase. Our wealth increases as we produce more energy, but nothing we do will lessen the economic strength of Saudi Arabia, et al., and the less expensive energy is for our economic competitors, the more formidable they become.

Our country would benefit from fewer laws & regulations and far less spending, but it remains very strong relative to our international competition.


If America does not purchase Canadian oil, China will.

How important is fungible when the lights go out? If we use oil pumped directly to our refineries from Alaska, Canada, the Gulf, and now even Weld county, then how can our enemies cut us off from our oil. We create our own market. Everyone seems to forget that the DOE was created to help make the USA energy independent (even the DOE forgot). The Saudi's worst nightmare would be if we became energy independent. This would be the best way to sanction the entire mid-East. Just think of the jobs it would create.

Another thing that drives me up a wall is the liberals insistence on electric cars. Do electric cars not need a source of energy? What if everyone drove electric cars? Would our aging, already failing electric power grid support this transfer of energy? Do our power plants not pollute? Liberals are so child-like that if they can't see "pollutants" coming from a tail-pipe, then there must not be any pollution from these cars. It's like magic! See how "green" these cars are?

The answers are all right here for those that have eyes to see, and ears to hear. If we could get past the flaming liberal, anti-American sentiment to clarify our country's purpose and priorities, then our country will be strong again.

I maintain that the liberal agenda is killing our country.

Bobby J.

If America does not purchase Middle East oil, China will.

If China has unlimited access to cheap oil, they will DOMINATE America in about 20 years.

It is never as simple as it appears.


#3: many laws contradict one another. In 1776, which predates our Constitution by 11 years, and for many years thereafter, slavery was legal. Prohibition was a law for a while. Think this through a bit, Dennis. And, each legislator takes an oath to uphold the Constitution. To the extent you believe certain actions violate the Constitution, you can vote to oust your congressman.

#4: oil is fungible (look it up). There is a world market for oil. It is not purchased from a single source or country. This makes no sense.

Nevertheless, I appreciate your focus on some things that matter and over which a president has some control. Better convince your evangelical brethren that Romney is better than Obama, lest they dig their heels in on like Bachmann, Santorum, Cain, Palin, etc.


I have a few "top" priorities when I select a candidate from the race in the GOP.

#1- Defeat marxist-communist obama.
#2- Seal our Southern border.
#3- End the corruption in congress by amending our Constitution deeming that congress follow ALL laws that they have passed, back to 1776.
#4- For the sake of our national security, purchase NO oil from the mid-East.

The liberal agenda is literally killing our country. The items I listed have NOTHING to do with "social-conservatism". There is NO reason true Americans cannot get onboard with this agenda.

smike that in yer pope and stoke it

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