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December 08, 2011



The 2012 general election will reveal what percent of our population are truly marxist-communists. obama makes no effort to disguise the fact that he is a marxist. All of the signs were there in 2008, and now there is no hiding his disdain for Americans.

I am hoping against hope that obama is defeated in the greatest landslide election in American history. I dearly wish to rebuild my faith in America. Presently I fear that America is but a distant memory.

The ONLY reason obama hasn't been impeached is because most of congress is deathly afraid that our inner cities will erupt in violence. I am not racist, but think about it. Can anybody give me a better reason why this anti-American marxist, radical islamist, Chicagoan mobster has not yet been impeached?


Obamanation should be charged with treason.
He in essence has declared war on everything American.
He will never be free from that charge. . .
The sins of the Father are unto the next generations.
They are in for an earful win, lose, or draw.
From now on until the day they rest in peace.

Rick Jones

Yes, he does.

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