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December 12, 2011



Bobby J,

Take away the cheese, AND put up a fence.

mostly get rid of obama

Bobby J.

Take away welfare,tax evasion,free education and other "free" goodies,noboby would want to come here. Take away the cheese and you won't need a fence.

God Bless America

Securing our borders is one common-sense solution to the terrorist problem. Unfortunately, the usurper in office is all about destroying this country in whatever way possible.

Here is a recent article from Fox News reporting that the US wants to open kiosks in Big Bend National Park allowing Mexican residents informal passage into the United States. It flies in the face of logic and sanity. The traitor in the White House and his minions need to be prosecuted and punished accordingly!


I maintain that securing our Southern border is of paramount importance. The situation is urgent!

It is estimated that illegal immigration costs the USA $113B annually. A 2000 mile state-of-the-art fence would cost $20B, and create thousands of jobs to build, maintain and secure. It's a no-brainer to any true American.

obama and his entire administration are criminal

Sheriff Arapio has got the goods on obama. His full report will be out in February. He has irrefutable proof that obama was not born in the USA. They will be suing the DNC to make obama ineligible to run in 2012.

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