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January 03, 2012



Those are the things that happen Bobby J when life is disrespected.

Bobby J.

In the event life is legally defined at conception, the following actions have always stumped me. Maybe you can help?

What about the 9 months in the womb? How much liability will be assed towards the mother and those in close proximity to the mother in event of miscarriage and birth defects?
If a miscarriage occurs, will the State investigate and conclude 27 people were guilty of introducing second hand smoke to child?
Will the mother be held culpable if she is deemed to be overweight during pregnancy? Will it be okay for the State to mandate the mother’s diet and exercise regime for 9 months?
Will the sewer company have to locate the spontaneous aborted fetus sent down the toilet, so they may give proper burial?
Will birth certificates and names be issued immediately after the sheets are changed?
Will daddy be guilty of incest and or assault for making love to mommy while junior is present?
Will belly babies qualify for welfare?
Will the belly baby be claimed on taxes as dependents?
Can an 18 year old sue parent for improper carriage?
Will home births and midwives be allowed or will all births be conducted at State owned and operated facilities?
How big of a budget will the Federal Department of Womb, be granted? Will this be financed via new taxes or inflationary printing?
Just curious what the full, long term, legal ramifications would be if life was defined at conception?

Bobby J.

Should there even be a NASA?

I am sick of paying for nothing.


Much credit should be given the Minister and his wife.


GOD knew me before I was born. Every child is precious. Life begins at conception. Abortion is MURDER, plain and simple.....


Thomas, your comment is based on conjecture. Sam actually has factual evidence that an astronaut came out of this situation.

Dave Thomas

The kid could have grown up to be a homicidal maniac. Your rationalization is illogical.

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