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January 05, 2012



Mrs. Himmelman and her son Peter,
I have other thing to do than blather-on over symantics with you. You illustrate that you are, after all, a progressive, socialist, self defeating, maniacal liberal that wants everyone to look and act like them so they don't look such an obvious fool in comparison to those left sane.
Those of us that communicate on this site have seen others like you before and we are not dissuaded by you the newest Johnny Comelately passing liberal gas. I'm sure you must wonder if the Gods have gone crazy if after only a few entries here you already feel your being blocked: "(Whoops, blocked again!)". You're free to wander on, but do check back in every once in awhile and let us know how all your purified pontificating are working out for you in the real world. May we call you our very own "Little Canery in the Coalmine"?


Mrs H,

Are you to break into my home?

Explain to me the "rights" of Americans that do.

Just what then, is my right when someone does break into my home?

My point is: You break into my home, and I don't give a rats a$$ what ANY law in ANY country says. If you break into my home, then you mean harm and have but seconds to live. My family survives and I GLADLY deal with any repercussions of defending them.

investigate all you want, the SOB that broke into my home is still dead

Mrs. Himmelman

And Dennis, I'm sure you are one of those who had a fit with Rev. Wright's statement (heavily lifted out of context) "God damn America!"

Yet somehow it's okay for you to make treasonous statements like "Government and their laws be damned."

Mrs. Himmelman

(whoops, got blocked again!)

Powerball, why would I contact the agencies involved? I'll read the news reports, contemplate the facts as reported, assume there are some omissions and errors, and above all, I won't synthesize material where it doesn't exist.

it doesn't matter what a dispatcher said. The dispatcher did not "give permission" as you assert. A dispatcher cannot carte blanche tell you it's okay to shoot someone, and indeed, she didn't. She said "I can't tell you that you can do that but you do what you have to do to protect your baby." Anyway this is irrelevant to the core of this semi-discussion, which is that a shooting must be investigated, no matter how good it makes you feel.

Yes, I do fear "my" system, the legal system of checks and balances that protects the rights of all Americans, is at risk due to the phenomenon of people justifying their beliefs by huddling in their little internet sandboxes vindicating each others' sloppy thinking, picking and choosing whatever principle does or does not support their slippery philosophies.

If the Greeley Report is going to portray itself as a journalistic endeavor, that implies the standards of journalism are at work here. Which is virtually never the case. Referring to it as your sandbox is apt, speaking volumes about your lack of critical thinking skills, what with the same three or four posters patting each other on the back, except for the occasional soul like myself who wanders by every few months to see what burr is under your collective saddle. Then I get barred for offering a contrary viewpoint. Rinse, lather, repeat.

Also, your last statement "You know if I were to take a hint from you, I would tell you to get out of our sandbox. But I didn't." does not make sense. How did I "hint" to you that you should tell me to "get out of our sandbox"? Don't answer that; I doubt your reply would be any more illuminating than your original statement.


My sentiments exactly GreeleyGirl. Government and their laws be damned.

My home is my castle. I keep it safe. I need not then permission of the government to do so.


All I can say is just put one foot in my door and see whatcha get....You won't like it..........Good for Sarah. We need to stand up for ourselves because the damn government never will.............


Because Sarha asked the 911 operator if she could, in protection of herself and baby, shoot the intruder this story has made national news as well as here. So, I trust you have contacted all those agencies with "your" paranoia just the same as you are doing here. Or do you fear "your" system is being threatened or broken by this little website?
You know if I were to take a hint from you, I would tell you to get out of our sandbox. But I didn't.

Peter Himmelman

"You got that right! No charges. Should there have been charges in the first place?" Well, it would depend on whether it was a justifiable homicide, and until the shooting has been investigated, all anyone knows is there is a lady with a shotgun and a dead guy.

See. we have these processes in place in the legal system to make sure the shooting was indeed justified. We don't just allow people to kill each other and then take their word for it that it was justified.

I know, sometimes the legal system is a messy thing, what with its laws, due process, and rights for all people.

The system worked. Stop trying to twist everything to support your paranoid agenda. Be more concerned about the corporate media if you want to get worked up about something destroying our democracy.

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