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January 31, 2012


Bobby J.

Police State USA. Throw more money at them and they will throw more force at you. Throw more money at them and they will look through your walls. Throw more money at them, and they will put you on a watch list.

Listen to this podcast, better than any talk radio.

Tyrant Fighter

We have two who have announced their willingness to run for sheriff after Cooke is done in 2014. Both have R's following their names, one the female former undersheriff is a RINO, the other a staunch conservative that believes in the constitution. Look for a stunning race with the constitutionalist winning if the country hasn't collapsed in 2013.

Bobby J.

The other day, while locating HongKong ont eh globe with my son, he noticed the USA is many colors. He sai dhis teacher told him all green areas are Colorado. I explained to him that he misunderstood his teacher. The different colors simply make it easier to determine State borders. That is when it dawned on me. Every Federal law tends to wash out the various colors. Eventualy the entire Untied States will be 1 shade of red, similar to Russia, if the Feds are not stopped. On a simialr vein, if the State of Colorado is not slowed, the Counties and Cities will disappear. Furthermore, if Government is not used for its ony purpose; to stop violence, theft and fraud ,all boundaries will be abolished and the corrupt will reign supreme.

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