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January 01, 2012


Rick Jones

Islam is the bomb; or is that Islam bombs?

I heard something sketchy about this story when it happened, no mention at that time of the Muslim inspiration; such a dumb lot.


Read the Koran. Then you will see what we have to look forward to. Not a pretty sight.............


Christ mandate of a free market? Really? I'm a Milton Friedman devotee, but I'm not sure I'd cite Christ as a free market guy.

Also, Islam itself is neither a religion of peace nor a religion of violence. The same is true of Christianity. People who identify themselves as either have committed terrible (and wonderful) acts throughout history--including today. Dennis's flaw in logic is striking. A peaceful Muslim does not view the radical terrorist as his brother or as a true Muslim; therefore, there is no reason to denounce. As a Christian, I feel no compulsion to denounce the abortion-clinic murderers, the wife beaters, the tax cheats, or any other Christian whose sins are publicized. I speak only for myself, and I view the actions of no one as reflective upon me. Collectivists might feel otherwise.

Bobby J.

Hi Dennis,

Hi Dennis,

My points are simple.

Christianity is based on peace and liberty not the legalistic, pharisaic or Judaism that most believe it to be.
Oil is great and I am glad America, rather than other country’s purchase and use most of it. The beauty of a free market is simple, resources will be put to the best use and when they become scarce, and their price will increase forcing alternatives. Now if we could just follow Christ mandate of a free market, non-violence and live and let live.


Bobby J,

What's yer point?


Notice you never hear about these things unless your watch FOX news?

Bobby J.


Oil is cheap. When and IF if runs out, we will use the next cheapest source of energy.

Dark horse? How about Gods gift?

Bobby J.

Dennis Wrote: I wish that islam were a religion of peace.

I wish Christians knew Christianity is the Ultimate religion of peace. Too bad many Christians practice something much different.


Sorry. I should not put so much trust in my Dragon program.


Yea, all of this is very concerning but Islam, illegals, the national debt, the presidential campaign and all the rest pales in comparison to a much much bigger problem that looms before us in the very very near future. It will make all of those mentioned problems seem trivial and yet life threatening on a daily personal basis. And that problem is peak oil.
Our society today is completely and totally built on oil and its finite. There is nothing that you use or touch today that is not in someway a derivitive of oil. For every calory you eat there are 8-10 of oil used in comparison. We're now on the downside of oil's supply and all the while more countries are coming on board demanding more of it for themselves and their development.
I am not for illegals being allowed to stay in our country. If members of the Islaminc faith wish to immigrate here that is fine if done legally, but they too need to assimilate. But who has the right to say that people of other countries should not wish or are not entitled to the same lifestyle we have in America? I think we all would say, no one. But as oil supplies dwindle around the world; as Americans begin to see their lifestyles falling, what will you say then? And what will Islamist do? Fighlt alongside Americans against third world countries as the last of finite oil is mined, preserving their new found standard of living, or will they return to their homeland as world population dies. What will bare necessary survival do to religion and patriotism?
The supply of oil is running out. In the very near future you will begin to see glimpses of its impact on economies and politics. Mankind has been betting on the dark horse of oil. He has put all his eggs in that one basket and it's about to fail. The job market is not lagging because of shear economics. The market knows about peak oil. We didn't evolve from the stone age because we ran out of stones. But now we will need to reinvent ourselves without the one resource that everything hinges on.
Politicians aren't telling you any of this. Imagine the revolt in Arabia if the people there were told what little upward mobility they have seen is at an end because their oil has been shipped overseas. World leaders and rulers won't tell you this because it would cause mass revolution and they know their going to die someday anyway. They would rather like like kings while they can, but unless an alternative source of energy is found, your great grandkids will never fly in a plane. That will be reserved for elites only.
Screw the politicians. They will rob you of every last drop and wast it as they keep you focused on other problems. Because of the depletion factor of oil, the increase in world population, and the desire to maintain current standards of living I believe we will see drastic decline in five years.
Then you will see the refocusing of priorities I'm trying to bring to mind now. The sooner this is brought into the public conscious the sooner many of our problems can be solved and other problems elevated. Thanks for reading and I hope you will investigate the matter for yourselves. You could start by watching "Collapse" with Michael Ruppert.


I wish that islam were a religion of peace. We would not be having all of these problems if it were. I could easily co-exist with islam if it were a religion of peace. America would accept islam if it were a religion of peace. One thing that is missing right now is a public outcry, from the islamic faithful, denouncing these hateful, deadly attacks committed by their brethren. Of course this could be happening and our MSM is suppressing it?...... yea, right.

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