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January 13, 2012


Bobby J.

This passed Friday before Christmas. NDDA or abolition of Bill of Rights.

Racial profiling would have been better!


So much for "transparency"!

This is obvious treason. Where are our Representatives?

WARNING: This government is destructive!


Of course this is something Obamanation would do; arm mercenaries from a foreign nation. It has happened over and over again in history to suppress opponents to governments policies. There are stronger indicators that Obamanation is opposed to America and its people than there is for global warming! And yet the American people aren't up in arms as much as they would be if the EPA said we all had to turn our lights and heat off at 5:00 pm and turn-in our cars for bicycles. Why is that?
The psychology of mind control is very interesting. In the beef industry it has been found that by designing shoots and pathways with a curvature it keeps the cattle more relaxed before slaughter which renders the meat more tender when the animals aren't excited.
Thank God Obamanation has kept the wool pulled over our eyes before he could possibly be elected again, (Barf Barf), when the housing market finally collapses or the dollar collapses or Obamnation gets us into another war.
You bet he should be charged with treason. But that will never happen because the leaders we have elected to run our democracy aren't democratic at all. they are self serving liars and cheats, from the ground up.
So what, you ask, is the problem?
You are my friend. You are the problem.

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