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February 17, 2012


Tyrant Fighter

Some of these new drones are disguised as a small maple seeds and weigh in less then an ounce. These are designed to look like ordinary tree refuse and land on your window sill and record all your conversations and actions within your home. You will never know they are there.

Bobby J.


You got me all flustered. None of the actions I suggested are illegal or disobedient. They are revolutionary loopholes that are firmly planted in our Bill of Rights and United States Constitution. Petition your government for less government, NOW!

You on the other hand, you are suggesting that airplane be shot down. Even the mere utterance is illegal. How easy is that to prove? These days what the hell does proof have to do with it? Everything they need, you typed right here at Greeley Report. Thoughts and words are very much illegal. What fantasy land have you been hiding in? And now with NDAA, you won’t even get a trial.

Larger point is this; none of you sissies will ever take a shot at any drone. Rather than take real actions you sit around here and talk chit.

Bobby J.

Pull! Sad part is, they fly way to high. You will never ever no till your sunbathed butt is on you tube or you wake up dead.


I was talking about revolution. Revolution sanctioned by our Constitution, as this government has become destructive.

I will wait until after the 2012 general election. There may still be a slim chance that we can turn this mess around; however, I doubt it and I am planning accordingly.

If our government launches drones to spy on us, then I will do everything in my power to eliminate them. I am not afraid of the consequences, as I am an American patriot. It's as simple as that. Somebody has got to make a stand, some where along this shameful and ingratiating denigration of our once great nation.

America R.I.P.


Civil disobedience is not the same as conspiracy to commit a Federal crime.

No, they're different. Civil disobedience is an action. Actions are punishable.
Conspiracies are thoughts.
Which one is more provable?

Bobby J.

I figured you may try to call me on that. No point in doing/saying things that will remove you from the political arena. Time and time again ATF and other Federalies have beaten people to pieces for even suggesting these types of things. Thats fact I can prove.

The items I suggested will not get you in automatic trouble and are likely to wear them down if enough were to do it.

Civil disobedience is not the same as conspiracy to commit a Federal crime.



"You are rationalizing your fear. Who cares if you are on a list, it is called civil disobedience and I am honored to be on the “list”. There are at least 100,000 like me on the list."

In times of revolution, what constitutes civil disobedience and at what point is one ready to cross that line?
When bullets are flying?


Who said I was joking?

Bobby J.


I have a sense of humor, the jack booted thugs do not.


Sorry Powerball, I meant that for you. You know, the one with a sense of humor?

Bobby J.

Bobby J thats funny?

I said nothing.

I do not advocate shooting guns in the air unless during hunting season with license.

Not funny. I dont joke about guns or shooting airplanes.


Bobby J,

That's funny! I wish I was there in one of those trees.

Seriously though; we could set up a point system, like how many shots it would take to bring a drone down. Kinda like scoring for golf.

I can't wait!


Oh, BTW.

Pat Buchanan,
HOW does it feel
To be all alone
On your own
Like a rolling stone.


Animal rights group says drone shot down

Oh well, back to the drawing board.


Can you spot a drone in the sky? Cause I'm thinking of a fun new sport.

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