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March 30, 2012



If the mandate for Obamanation's healthcare is supported by the Supreme Court --From that day forward every child born in the United States will come into this world owing a lifelong debt!
Think about it. The mandate says you must buy something. Never before has our government told you you had to buy anything. On the contrary our government has only to this point been able to tell you to stop an activity. You can't drive a car without a license. Stop driving until you get one. It doesn't say you must get a license so you can buy and drive a car. It hasn't been able to force anyone into the car market.
But back to the newborn, now born owing a bill. What is a bill, a debt? It's a demand for payment and that means money. So Obamacare will cause every child to labor to earn money to pay his debt. That is slavery pure and simple. Slaves weren't paid money. they worked for food, sustenance. Food to keep their bodies alive. Obamacare is the same thing. A child will at birth be put into servitude to support, labor for, a program created simply because he breaths air in the United States! My God!
Tell me one thing. If this mandated holds, what will we tell our military when they are asked to protect and defend freedom in other countries. What will they say to those foreign populations? "We are here to fight and die for your human rights because we've lost ours at home in the USA?
If Obamacare is sustained a cloud will fall on all of the States. At that moment people throughout this country will realize democracy has lost. We will, in the twinkle of an eye, be sent back in time to the docks of Boston when the tea was dumped into the harbor because of a tax leveled by the King of England. All the wars and the people who died in them will be for nothing because we, those alive and living in the USA in 2012, have no gumption andl let the first black president of these United States mock us and make slaves of us.
If that day comes, civil rights will die, race wars will start, and America will see its first dictator, our first black president.
Now some will say I'm racist, but it's not me. Obama could have been the great uniter over race and economics, but he choose another path. He choose to use race and economics to divide us. Obama used his skin color to disrupt and agitate color in our society. It certainly hasn't gotten better since his election. Obamantation was chosen for this task because of his skin color. It was just the ticket to suck some into his agend and to overthrow our society more deeply. Read what I wrote to Rick below.
If the mandate holds it won't be because it's Constitutional. It will be because we no longer have a Constitution written by the people and for the people. Our new Constitution will be written by the left and our first black president. And that isn't going to set well with 50% of Americans. We will for the first time since the civil war see blood spilled on American soil. Not just by those who oppose it, but by the left who will not be satisfied with the labor of newborns! We will go back to the time when class and race rule, not justifiable law.
None of this has anything to do with human rights or it would have been done where its justified, makes sense and works within our Constitution. It is a direct attack on freedom and democracy. It is you Greeleygirl and your freedom that stands in the way of Socialism and Communism throughout the world. What other nation has gone forward to protect and advance it? None Greeleygirl. You dear lady are a problem that must be delt with! And if the mandate doesn't bring you to your knees will they shoot you? They do in most Socialist and Communist countries. They et away with it because people there stopped asking questions and demanding their rights.
The newborn comes into the world with rights given by God.
Our first blak prez has an argument with God.
Who shall win? I think the world has a history that gives not one piss-ant to what Obamanation wants or who he thinks he is!


You're exactly right, these are the tactics always used to overthrow a government. The powerful at the top stir-up and agitate the lower classes at the bottom causing disfunction everyway to the majority of society, the middle class. When nothing works anymore, disfunction of the middle cause it all to fall apart.
The top down and the bottom up smash the middle. Like stepping on an Oreo cream cookie.
This is exactly why Obamanation, Reid, and Pelosi support Occupy Wall Street, Van Jones, Black Panthers, Acorn, and big union thugs. It was done for centuries in China as new dynasties came and went, in Russia during it's revolution leading upto Lenin and don't forget Hitler! Even the unrest in the middle east today is being orchestrated by Iran not in the name of democracy but for a theocracy, Islamist of Shea persuasion.
Look, Obamanation is nothing! He never did a damn thing in his whole life. When ever has such a totally disconnected person gained the highest office of the land, the presidency? He was put there by nothing more than big money. The poor certainly didn't fund his campaign!
But I will say say this to you. You may leave the country to escape, but you won't succeed. If freedom and democracy fail here it won't stand a chance anywhere else in the world. In fact the best and safest place to be to fight it is right here in the USA. Even if our military leaders support Obamanation, our sons and daughters in the military will not. Why? Because they have been trained to believe they're fighting for freedom and democracy. They are not little Nazis out to conquer othe lands and people. Go ask anyone of them if they believe in dictators or if they'd fight for one and see what they tell you. The difference between our military and local cops and firefighters is the latter two groups receive pensions.
And that's the G.D. Truth!!


I really don't see how this government can make you purchase something you don't want. It would truly be a dictatorship if it passes. And by the way, does anyone know why Zimmerman is being portrayed as a WHITE HISPANIC? Heard that several times on talk radio.

Rick Jones

Powerball, as I understand your position, you may enjoy hearing the connection that occurred to me the other day. Charles Manson instigated those murders with the intent of making it appear to be done by blacks with the hope that a race rebellion would ensue; President Obama seems to be looking for, (encouraging) the same result through his demagoguery of this isolated incident. He ignores black on black violence, He ignores black on white violence; he is only interested in drawing attention to purported unjust white (anglo-hispanic in this case), violence on a black man.

He doesn't wait for the facts, he is allowing/promoting/endorsing the idea that Zimmerman is guilty; to what end if not to encourage racial strife?

Rick Jones

If the Supreme Court determines that forcing people to buy something they do not want is legal; then it will be time for me to take my chances elsewhere, I will leave the USA. I don't say that for sympathy, those who disagree with my reading of our Rights will not care to lose me. I say it because I still can.


If George Zimmerman is not arrested in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin soon, theRev. Al Sharpton will call for an escalation in peaceful civil disobedience and economic sanctions.

Sharpton would not say the efforts would be taken against the city of Sanford specifically, but he has been critical of the police department's handling of the case.

Well folks, Obamanation has em all fired up, even the nasty congresswomen from Florida are beating their ancient drums.
I knew this would happen with this prezfreak.
Well, he can just bring it on.
He's out numbered!


On the surface obamacare is unConstitutional. The greater travesty to our freedom is the underlying network being developed under the guise of "healthcare". It literally contains the backbone from which a new communistic constitution will be built. If this passes the Supreme Court, then they (feds) have us from cradle to grave and it's all over folks. obama won't even need to be re-elected. I pray that our Supreme Court can muster 5 votes in our favor.

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