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Why are we anonymous? Like many blogs across the state and nation who may not conform to the existing power structure - newspapers/media, business interests, or government - we aren't interested in our all-volunteer staff being harassed by reporters who will reward an interview granted with a hit piece on how they beat their pet ferret or how their kid got a ticket for riding his ATV in the street. Or in our business being affected by those who would try and negatively impact our livelihood. What really matters is getting some balance in the news, and a fresh perspective on the topics of the day that you can't get from the old boys that run this town.


this site's authors like walks in the park, hot chocolate on a cold day with someone special, and honest, sensible politics. attack this site or its authors with baseless charges and we promise, we'll find that little white lie you told the irs back in '97. please, we beg you, if you get an interesting bit of info - a piece of political mail, a phone call, or see something that just isn't quite right, shoot us a comment to an article. we'll be sure to follow up. our readers are our eyes and ears. and if we screw something up, call us on it, we'll retract or restate our position!