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November 15, 2010



if Charter schools do better than regular public schools, then why should theybe subject to scrutiny of SD6?


Well then, they should be subject to the scrutiny of the School District; however, I agree with Brett the public system needs to discover why the charter schools perform so much better than the public schools.


Actually, most charter schools choose their students through a lottery system that keeps charter schools from picking and choosing. The real demographic difference is that the students in charter schools have parents who care enough about their child's education to put them there.


Charter schools are publicly funded, yes.


Ahhh! Freedom in education.

I don't know, is this new charter school asking for public funding? If so, then I guess they should conform to the school districts demands. If no, then why the hell does the school district have a say in any of this. As far as the demographics are concerned; what's wrong with how charter schools are conducted now? If a parent wants his/her child to attend a school that will advance that childs opportunities for the future, then shouldn't that parent have that choice? Is this not America? Or must we continually level the playing field until we are all "dumbed-down"?


For different reasons, I would like for the next charter school's population to mirror that of the rest of the district. This way, when the charter succeeds, the establishment (I'm talking more about the teachers' unions than the administration) can't say that the charter was successful only because it selected the kids most likely to succeed. If you're for choice and competition in education, you might reach the same conclusion.

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