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April 18, 2011



Another thought Sam. Side against Mortenson if you will. Pakistan has told Obama to stop bombing with drones. Obama said in the campaigns that he would go into Pakistan; to protect India. LOL. India would put Pakistan into the stone age!! But Obama would love another war. It creates more problems for the United States, but more importantly, IT COSTS MONEY. And the only way Obama and the left can make us a socialist/communist nation is to ruin us financially. Look how well he's done so far, we're about to get a negative credit rating by SP.
Obama is the worst man to ever get elected in this country. What he has done could not be done by the entire Chinese army. Obama is a plague from hell. And you want to put-down a true patriot like Mortenson because of D-6?? You will get rid of D-6 quicker if you get rid of Obama!!!


- thought his efforts


I really don't know what's come over you Sam. I read Mortensons book and though his efforts to build schools in Pakistan was wonderful. If he streched the truth to write a compelling story, which would make his book fiction and not nonfiction, I say BFD. What you are missing though is the real nonfictions of this story. And that is that Mortensons book is required reading for all our soldiers going to Afganistan. Now the idea that we build schools instead of dropping bombs MUST REALLY POSE A PROBLEM TO OBAMA who wants to bomb innocent civilians with predator drones. I'll bet our troops wonder WTF after reading Gregs book and then watch as the Prez killsnlittle kids and women.
I think you too should be asking yourself what's come over liberals who turn on someone trying to help the little people by aligning against him with Barrack Obam in the magic-suit who's doing the bombing.
After reading your article, I think the world has gone mad. Let's ban this book from our libraries and bomb the hell out of Pakistan!!!!! Ain't that pretty much what you're saying because your so opposed to D-6? I am too, but your not seeing the light on this one.
Get a grip on it man!

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