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May 11, 2011



Powerball: 20 points to you when you post one platitude-free rant.


People won't realize what's happened to them until long after.
What they will focus on is the collapse of government that has a need to micromanage everything when they can't even begin to macromanage anything. People will revert to tribalism and race wars. They will become their own worst enemies and bring themselves to their own knees. Only when they have lost everything, that's easy for them to get now, will they realize the cost of freedom via the value they place upon their personal labor and that of the other man. Then it will start all over again.
It always happens that way with the left!



It is already too late. This doesn't mean that we shouldn't try to make a difference, we should. The sad truth of the matter is that hordes of young unemployable people will be infecting our workforce over the coming years, just when we are asking our corporations to bring more jobs home from overseas.

We've been too busy being "politically correct", afraid to tell the truth, as the truth might offend some. Student discipline in our schools is absent. Just ask the teachers why their performance suffers. A rigorous, progressive disciplinary procedure is paramount to the future success of our next generation. Think that is going to happen?


There is a vacancy in history!


People know that something is wrong with the school system just as they know there is something wrong with their dollars.
You cannot trash your money as the Federal Reserve has done or your school system as D6 has done without repercussions.
You are each day being reminded more of that.
Just take off your shades and look around!

The worst thing I can wish for those who refuse the truth is, "I hope you live to see the results of your stupidity and what it is doing to our country".

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