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August 24, 2011


Bobby J.


Lets go shoot some Geese!

Tyrant Fighter

The Weld County commissioners tried to shut Mr. Orr wait until waterfowl season if you think the boats were bad. Go Ed GO....... we do have a bunch of RINO infested commissioners.



How would you word the same communication? Now with a little feeling. There is nothing wrong with a passionate display of one's beliefs, this is America (still). Perhaps Sam is displaying signs of frustration while watching this once great country slip into socialist control by numbing the minds of our youth, opening our borders, and hypnotizing TV watchers with the drone of mass media.

Hitler used the radio.

Bobby J.

Trib and Rotary should buy Eds land.


Ed's a good guy. I'm a neighbor, and I have no problem with folks using Ed's lakes, free or at a charge. The Tribune disagrees. Fine. I don't recall the neighbor disparaging Ed as a human as you'd like to do with those who share the Tribune's opinion. How about a little maturity and dignity with your opinions?

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