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August 30, 2011



Thank you CuppaJoe.


Shirley, Obama authorized Operation Gunwalker and is trying to push through our cooperation with the U.N. Small Arms Treaty. No other proof is needed.


How about one thing Obama has done to limit your right to own a gun? Anyone? Anyone? And, your point about the usefulness of an armed citizenry in light of tanks, nukes, etc. is a good one. Still not a bad idea for people to own guns, though.

Bobby J.

Shirley wrote: Better hurry because Obama is going to take all of your guns. Who remembers that scare? I do. How did that one turn out? Legitimate fear or lunacy?

Dear Shirley,

Government has suggested gun confiscation may times. Every time there is a great uproar from the people. The first time we do not stand up for gun rights, they will indeed take them.

You see how this game works?

Guns are not nearly as relevant as they use to be because gov has swat teams, tanks, missiles and all sorts of other goodies that make our guns less powerful but this is a tangent for a different day.

greeley, great from the ground up?

Gee guys, what do you expect, look who we have as President.....

God Bless America

Dennis, thank you for the link to Ann Barnhardt! I clicked on her You Tube link and watched her 2-part video answering Lindsey Graham's dhimmitude regarding burning the koran. Wow, she has beauty, brains and balls! And she is Christian and articulate to boot. Scary combination to any liberal jackass! :)

Ann's blog is highly recommended reading/viewing for all true American patriots (also Brian and Shirley). I agree with her that islam is an evil political ideology masquerading as religion. I also agree that Christianity doesn't mean lying down and wimping out. As United States citizens we have a duty to defend our constitution, our country and our culture!

"You can take your dhimmitude and shove it up your ass!" ~Ann Barnhardt


We shoot people with whom we are at war. Who will you shoot, Dennis? Liberals? Muslims? Christians who believe that the world is more than 10,000 years old? Better hurry because Obama is going to take all of your guns. Who remembers that scare? I do. How did that one turn out? Legitimate fear or lunacy?


God Bless America

Brian may be correct in his assertion that even muslims are entitled to practice their religion in this free country; however, they must practice within in the bounds of our that means no clitorectomies, no beheading of gays and lesbians, no stoning of adulterers and rape victims, no pedophilic marriages or using young boys as sex objects, no bombing innocent people because of hatred of Western culture, etc., etc.

As a proponent of the American Constitution, I would think Brian would be advocating separation of mosque and state and therefore call for the immediate removal of that "religious" flag from the classroom.

Oh, wait a minute, it's not Christian so that makes it okay. Thank you, Brian, for proving my point that progressive liberals have no personal convictions. Keep smiling while you still can - the good news is that the muslims haven't taken this country over yet.



Brian, you just don't get it do you? It seems a small thing to you, but you have no vision. We are at war. Not only in Afghanistan and Iraq, but right here in this country. You may, in your opinion, elevate yourself above the type of people that had the backbone to free this country for their opinions and compassionate stand, but you are only marginalizing yourself. I am sure that you, like most liberals, are of the opinion that everything is just going to continue on as usual; we just need to increase the taxes of the "rich", placate our enemies, and continue borrowing from China to be sure that the "poorer" half of our country can continue watching their high-def big screens, surfing the internet on their laptops, texting with their "droids", living in section-8 housing, collecting food stamps and populating our prisons.

At some point in time Americans, both liberal and conservative, will have to account for the actions of the socio-liberal elite. That time is nearer than you think.

Did you think they would defeat us with guns? Wake up man!


So a SEAL friend of mine wanted to set the record straight. That is the flag of Hamas, not Saudi Arabia (not like that is any better)

The law states that in this country, there can not be a flag placed in higher honor than the US flag. That is not a policy, that is LAW!


And here I thought you guys believed in the Constitution... remember that little thing called "Constitution"... in case you forgot - it reads, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

So based on that Muslims are free (get it - free, as in the United States free) to practice whatever religion they want.

Yes yes, the flag as protections as well - but they are much father down on the list of protections. I think it's just funny how you guys overreact to this stuff. There's no way you ever take anyone's word for what transpired. The principal apologized for the issue and moved on. Instead you guys want to throw such a tizzy over this that your sanity comes into question.

And if my mind is "narrow" as you refer to it, I can't imagine how myopic your points of view are.

If we are in such a grave danger, go grab your guns and kill 'em and we'll see how far that gets you. :)

God Bless America

Brian finds our concern about this treasonous behavior funny? And the liberals/progressives wonder why we true-blooded Americans question their patriotism!

My definition of a liberal: Person lacking a moral compass and personal convictions. As long as something is anti-American, anti-capitalist and/or anti-Christian, it's good enough for a liberal...even if they shoot themselves in the foot in the process (or get beheaded by islamic terrorists, whichever the case may be).


Brian: Do you understand how muslims think? I do. I have had a lot of interaction with them. If they get you to visit their mosque, it's a "point for them." If something like this flag thing happens, it's a "point for their side." It's how they think. You don't understand how the other side works and thinks, so you play right into their hands. No aneurism here. Just understanding. If you are evaluating everything out of your little, narrow-minded, allegedly tolerant mindset, you are in grave danger.


You guys are going to have an aneurism if you don't slow down and take a breath... (and by the way - your "uproar" over this is quite comical). :D

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