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August 31, 2011



That is an excellent question AJLynch! I only see two flags in a miserable depiction of treason.


This is indeed repulsive as well as illegal on another level. The wording on the Saudi flag is a violation of the seperation of church and state. Would they post a Christian flag?? No way. Although the Christian flag has no words, it has a Cross on it. To liberals, posting that would be heresy.

AJ Lynch

Could the school provide some data about the breakdown by country of their "internationally diverse" students and what other country's flags they fly?



You are the problem. There's abasic difference between you and me; I'm American, and proud of it. You?

Marcus Stevenson

As a veteran, I find it disgusting that a flag of a foreign nation would be flown over the flag of the United States of America on our own soil! You are correct that there should be sensitivity about this during the 10-year anniversary of 9-11-01. However, your school should be aware of flag etiquette all the time and NEVER fly a foreign country flag higher than our own! As a young boy, I strongly remember the privilege of being on flag detail at school and periodically chosen to raise the flag before school and then lowering /folding it at the end of the school day. I would almost bet that your students don’t raise/lower the flag and that that responsibility is delegated to a janitor or other support person in the school. If this is the case, then the students are being short-changed of learning about our country’s and flag history. My most vivid memory of folding our nation’s flag was as I took it off the caskets of fellow sailors, folding it and seeing it given to the family from a grateful nation. Actions such as those taken by your school without being knowledgeable about flag etiquette is inexcusable as this should be one of the most basic lessons taught to elementary school children.


its an elementry school let em learn their abc's n 123's


Jobless Claims Stuck Above 400,000
Productivity Falls
Second quarter productivity was revised down to a decline of 0.7%, the biggest drop since the fourth quarter of 2008, from a first reading of -0.3%. It has fallen for two quarters in a row, for the first time since the end of 2008.

In a 1975 New York Times article, economic statistician Julius Shiskin suggested several rules of thumb for defining a recession, one of which was "two down quarters of GDP".

Obama spent the first year and half of his administration burdening business, the markets, and the government with his healthcare bill. During that time not hardly a word was said about jobs and unemployment except to increase government debt by extending unemployment benefits. That worked and in his upcoming speech he will do it again! (It's all working out so well for this socialist trader). 
It seems when the Emperor speaks he expects to be heard by calling a joint session of congress. This fool has no idea that his power IS limited. How could he? He spent two years in congress and voted present most of the time. The left saw his as their savior long before the rest of knew how bad things were going to be due to their leadership and spending. Back then the Dem's controlled both houses of congress. Don't you think they could have controlled spending then just as the GOP has been able to do now? Of course they could, but they're the spend-machine. The problem is there are to many filters of greed for any of that "redistribution" to reach those that need jobs and the money to purchase and keep the system running. But as usual the liberal mind can't get it's head wrapped around such complex issues. Thus you have Maxine Waters on the black war path. She's found out too that the liberal mindset doesn't work but she heads the Maxine Waters Employment Preparation Center she heads in L.A. So she charges, "To he'll with the Tea Party". 
Oh the web we weave when we practice to deceive!

Hurricane Irene should have been called Hurricane Maxine and the liberal party. Same disastrous affect!


Conquer: to defeat, subdue.

Sorry, it was late and I didn't watch what my iPad was doing.


The fact of the matter is man has evolved from the cradle of civilization, migrated to the fertile crescent and throughout the world. He grew from hunter gatherer's, to domesticating seeds, and thus became able to grow crops and raise animals. This caused his society to grow, freeing some members to become more specialized, to invent, build, create art and pottery, and others to govern. The larger a society becomes the more they must war and concur. It is a means of growth, but also a means for their justification.
In all of this evolution, religion was not a requirement. Rather, beliefs were allowed as long as they complimented those doing the governing. Only in the Middle East is Islam, sharia law, the one doing the governing. It is an accepted governance of religion, but not everywhere. Every other state in the world has not allowed their legitimacy to be challenged by religious zealots. To be successful radical Islamist will need to concur, enslave, or destroy every other culture throughout the world. That is why they label nonbelievers of their faith infidels, one who has no religious belief or does not accept a particular religion.
Modern man has put a man on the moon, created a space station, has sent satellites far into space, and done marvelous things in medicine. Much of current day understanding has come from early developments in the middle east. Our numerical system is Arabic. But again, the religion did not translate.
Early man migrated out of Africa into the fertile crescent. From there he went north to Europe, east to China, to Polynesia, Australia, New Guinea, and to the Americas. Each area man inhabited he developed differing governments and religion.
The world events we are witnessing and caught up in today have nothing to do with mans further development or religion. The problem is a technological induced explosion in population but more exactly the energy to sustain all these people. Oil.
If tomorrow it was reported that a new and cleaner source of energy had been found the middle east would be buried forever thirsty and starving in sand. In fact, I believe if all the political maneuvering would stop setting the world backward a new source of energy would be found in five years. But what would we do then? Remember large societies need to war to justify their existence. So as long as religion justifies it's existence or another challenges it it's useful.
Our government uses the EPA to perpetuate the situation. Drilling and mining could be done in an environmental way, but waring makes them legitimate. This President, Obama, is not doing anything different or better for the American people. He isn't working for America, but for elitist globally that want to take from you and enslave you and they are at work all around the world. All the populations of the world are being fooled and lied to.
Religion has nothing to do with it!


You wrote:
I will call to let them know who is complaining. I will direct them to this site. They will soon learn that those complaining are kooks who are not that district's constituents.

Posted by: Rey | August 29, 2011 at 09:17 PM

Who looks kooky now?


Public schools are paid for by the taxpayers. American taxpayers. The ONLY flag flying in our schools should be the AMERICAN flag!

...sick of all of you apologists


The fact of the matter is that most of us are so fed up with the liberal agenda and "political-correctness", that we are at our wits end.

Having served my country, owned and operated a business, and worked these past 35 years, paying taxes the entire way; I've had you socio-liberal nut-jobs and all of your bullshit.........., I want to throttle somebody.

This country just isn't what it used to be. I want my country back.


@Brian. If you're implying that everyone who comments on this site is either condescending or dismissive, then no. You only sound like a few.

God Bless America

Excellent reporting, Sam. This is how the media is SUPPOSED to work!


I think you should go shoot 'em all just to be sure it never happens again... it's the only way to rid the country of these irresponsible liberals running the schools. Right?

(I'm trying my best to sound like you guys - how I'm I doing?)

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