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August 29, 2011


Hal Smith

When OUR COUNTRY relinquishes all that has made us great to ANYONE, ANYWHERE who would use these freedoms to exploit, subvert or otherwise undermine the basic fabric of American citizenship, they
DO NOT HAVE ANY RIGHT TO BE HERE! If being "politically correct" means giving up pieces of this great
countries heritage & history,bit by bit, then GOD help us!



You are missing the point. This is not scary. This is good. The true problem with America today is the complete lack of patriotism. There is a latent patriotism just now awakening from a deep slumber. You will witness this in 2012.

Too many Americans have fallen for the liberal "PC" aura. They are awakening to what has happened in europe, and the obvious parallel forming here in the USA.

We are a free country based on free markets and capitalism. These are the things that made this country great. It wasn't an oppressive government that made us capable of defeating the tyrants of the world, or being the innovators of technology and innovation. It is freedom that has facilitated the market for technology and innovation.

The present "administration" is oppressive and all about big government and control therein. The liberal agenda is communist. Many "right-wingers" call it "socialism", but it is pure, unadulterated communism! Review the Constitution. Does it say in the Constitution that the federal government should have a say in absolutely everything you do, or conceive of doing? Can you think of one thing in your life that the federal government has no say about?

America is dying of cancer. We are just trying to stop it. Ultimately we will defend our country to the death.

Proud American

Wow, just happened upon this web site. This is some of the scariest "stuff" I've ever read. Are you KKK or skinhead or what? How can you claim to love this country when you appear to be so full of hate? I'm going now to wash my eyes out with strong soap. Shame on you.


POS Marxists trying to teach our children it is OK to have a moon god worshiping flag higher than the Americn flag. The Commie got caught, but only when enough people noticed.

Just another example of a much wider war for Nationalism within these United States.


You liberals starting to get the idea?

Jim Maguire

First of all, whether or not the mount for the National Anthem is broke or not doesn't really matter! According to US Code Title 4 Flag Code, MY flag should be to the viewer's left and other flags to the right!! The Flag Code is sometimes confusing. Other flags may be displayed at the same height as the Flag of the United States. Again, the National Flag should be at viewer's left. There are several authorized ways to properly display OUR flag. Please consult Title 4, a veteran, or any public safety official! RESPECT OUR FLAG.


Even with the American Flag "fixed" ... you will note that the flag holders afixed to the wall are all at the same level. NO flag, including our state flags, are to be at the same level or above the American Flag!! In order to be correct, according to flag etiquette, the other two positions afixed to the wall should be lowered. This is a SCHOOL - they should get this right in the first place!!



You represent Tennessee poorly. Leave.


im sorry but u people are sad.. this pic shows a broken american flag beside a arabic flag.. im sure one of ur snot nosed kids broke the flag n some poor teacher picked it up n stuck it up there.. im a white american born n raised in tennessee.. even im like wow ive seen a lot of racist stuff but man do u idiots take the cake!! find something more productive with ur time.. dont be a part of the problem be a part of the solution


it is the content of the flag's message that is the problem and that should be the focus, the issue is should they as a school be placing allegiance to Allah & Islam above allegiance to the US


it's the content of the message that is the problem -- it is allegiance to Allah & Islam


Just because it doesn't have the sword does not mean that it is a hamas flag. Actually I think it is a cheap knock-off and a flag of neither entity.


It IS a HAMAS flag!

Do the research!

R. Chester

Need some pig blood in that school. F A S T


Screw the correctness! Fix our flag, burn the flippin jihahdist pig flag, shoot any ragheads that get in the way! This is our country. Religion has nothing to do with this either. It's about sovereignty!!

Ronnie White

And the flag staff is broken as well!

Ronnie White

Not only is the US Flag displayed below the other flag, it is also on the wrong side. The US Flag should always be to its own right or the viewers left. When displayed with other national flags it should be of equal height. The only flag that should ever fly higher than the US Flag on our soil is the UN Flag at UN Headquarters when the UN is in session!At sea a church flag can be hoisted higher to show services are in session.


I say we should take up a collection and buy a HUGE American flag to fly at this school. Maybe then they would get the idea that this is America and we intend to keep it that way...What say you?

Tyrant Fighter

I would have ripped that flag down and stomped on it, and probably been arrested for a hate crime too? LOL


It is good to see the great response. There are true Americans out there that I am proud to call my fellow citizen. Perhaps America is a sleeping giant.



Very well put Powerball! Very good. I like it.


You are quick to point at others; they have no solutions, poking fun at their disgust, encouraging them to continue to entertain you. A rather convoluted but revealing statement don't you think?
It is said a man that only has the use of a hammer finds everything looks like a nail.

David S. Levine

To place a foreign flag on a public taxpayer school, especially one that contains a hostile religious message is disgusting. This proves the danger the Democ-rats pose to America because it's their legislation that allowed so many of these "Greenies" into America. their ligitating organization the ACLU sends its talented shysters to court to keep Christian and Jewish religious practices out of public schools but never Moslems, especially the display of a Moslem religious message on the Saudi flag.



So let's say we "wake up" and "do something before it's too late." What exactly should we do? And, Dennis, how exactly will things transpire to lead us (within a mere 10 years) to a country where conservatives and liberals live in separate regions?

God Bless America says that punching somebody is an option. I'm sure Jesus would be thrilled. Dennis would have burned down the flag (and why don't you, Dennis? You've got time, don't you?). Or, maybe we should deport all Muslims. Is that the solution? Please do explain. If you don't propose any solutions, you're just a bunch of whiners.

I think you are very funny. Please continue to express your disgust and outrage! Please! I entertain myself with this stuff.

Marsha Boeck

Thank you for standing up and "Standing Firm". We will defeat this deceitful, insidious enemy.

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