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September 02, 2011



David, you are an idiot. I can safely say that since you believe this is of no consequence. Heads should roll, and parents should be pulling their kids out of these propaganda mills.


My kids, who attend a local public high school tell me that the events of 9-11 aren't taught in their history classes. How long before it becomes history?

86% of Americans believe in a Christian God. Why are we not heard?

Dr. Deano

@david: You're come off as an airhead.

First because of your twit-like spelling and structure (regardless of what you think, writing like that in a comments section does not make you look hip or cool - exactly the opposite).

Second, it is pretty amazing that you don't seem to get, or care about, or both, the very significant issue presented by the placement, in an American government school, of the flag of a theocratic state who is inarguably NOT a great friend of our nation.


Seriously, yes we have nothing better to do. This is a violation of Federal law, and should be treated with all the seriousness that violations of Federal law entail. The Saudi flag display is so wrong on so many levels that your flippant attitude to it is also of troubling concern.


David, some people care about whether their kids are being brainwashed.

It's just a fact of life that government workers, especially unionized public school teachers, will often try to inject their political agenda into their work. They should be teaching math, reading, science, history. Not posting a 'There is no God but Allah' flag over the US Flag to send a message that it's cool and worldly to disrespect one's homeland.

The same teachers who put this Islamist flag up there would scream if they saw a Christian equivalent, and what's concerning is that 99% of their indoctrination cannot be captured on a camera. You never see it. This flag is the tip of the iceberg.

One problem is simply that this kind of thing is wrong, but the other is that the teachers probably aren't doing their jobs if they are busy with this kind of crap.

It makes the school look terrible, and any normal adult would take notice.



If I may attempt to add a bit more fuel to your flags flire, my understanding is that the scribblings on the Saudi Arabian flag are the Islamic call to their faith "There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet" which would seem to introduce a separation of mosque and state issue in my mind.

Also, when the American flag is displayed with other flags, isn't it supposed to be on its own right?


seriously? u guys dont have ne thing else better 2 do?

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