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September 06, 2011



What a disgrace, but look who is running the government now days.


Just to clarify my previous post, "dhimmi" status under sharia includes having only limited legal rights vis-a-vis the full rights accorded a Muslim, and being required to pay a special "dhimmi" tax (jizya), so the second class status is enshrined in and enforced by the laws of the society.


Islam offers non-Muslims a third option (in addition to the "convert or die" options you stated): live under Islamic law (sharia) as a second class citizen (as a "dhimmi"), explicitly acknowledging the superior status of Muslims


You liberals starting to get the idea?



If I may add one more tidbit, the sentence on the Saudi flag is what one recites to become a Muslim.

God Bless America

Here's the direct link to the article itself...

God Bless America

This made the national news over the weekend, but it looks like it has now made the international news! Good work Greeley Report!

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