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December 30, 2011


Bobby J.

It is all in a great little book I helped motivate Adam and Rob to write via online commentary.

The Blueprint: How the Democrats Won Colorado (and Why Republicans Everywhere Should Care) [Paperback]

Bobby J.

Part One covers the main players: the end-justifies-the-means mentality of the "The Gang of Four" who, supplied the money and, helped to create groups with unassuming names, such as the Democracy Alliance Panel, which is believed to have put together the blueprint formula. The Colorado Democracy Alliance transformed Colorado; by taking advantage of term limits it gave them the window of opportunity. Labor unions played a big role in donations to candidates, and the now famous 527's also made a remarkable impact. The gang of four basically bought the state. Some of the "gangs" other focuses: radical changes of social policy, such as homosexual activism; and through the CoDA: the Latina Initiative, and Planned Parenthood. Now the Republicans need to play catch-up, though frivolous lawsuits are another tactic (weapon) used to distract Republicans. The afterward contains quotes by those involved---telling.

Bobby J.


It is also the entire Democrat package you get with these do good foundations. The goals may be good, but the Democrats they elect are not. Comand and control, Unions, gun control, etc. They even pic rinos for us.

Bobby J.

Stryker Foundation goals:
The elimination of racism

Empowerment of the disenfranchised

Elimination of poverty

Compensatory education

Support of non-traditional women students

Minority student education in sciences, math, and finance

Elimination of sexism

Elimination of discrimination on the basis of gender and sexual orientation

Affordable housing initiatives

Kalamazoo based support of economic development

Enhancement support for Kalamazoo area public school programs

Bohemian Foundation Goals:
Our vision for the future is inspired by the legacy started by Pat’s family and we take inspiration for our name, Bohemian Foundation, from the bohemian movement in Paris in the early 1900s. The Bohemians believed there is something greater within each individual and that meeting one’s potential has worth and dignity. Like the Bohemians, we believe in imagination, creativity, innovation and spirit.

We look to our community to be receptive to the transformational effects of open-mindedness, to be willing to take risks and to be ready to learn. We are actively seeking creative ways of working in our community by involving our fellow citizens and organizations in working together, leaving the world a better place.

We believe we can make a difference in our world with our focus on Community and Music.


Not that any of these things are necessarily bad, implementation may be. Most of these groups are not willing to fund their goals themselves so they get behind every tax increase they can and fight every tax reduction they can. Basically it is a “My plan is great, now you pay for it, and if you won’t play along, we will make the State force you." kind of mentality.

Bobby J.

Hi Tina,

Define: good.
Define: bunch of us.
Define: combined.

When you accomplish these 3 tasks, we will revisit your ad hominem attack label of "collectivist paranoia".


The Stryker foundation has done more good than the bunch of us combined. Not sure why they fuel your "collectivist" paranoia.

Bobby J.

Everytime you use one of these products, you are funding the collectivist agenda.

Bobby J.

I agree with Sam Hill in that the media and even the State attempts to make gun collectors and other survivalist out to be nuts.

I do disagree with Sams assertion that Colorado gun collectors are favorably labeled conservatives. There is a strong antigun movement brewing in Colorado. Just head to Democrat Denver to see what I mean and now CSU with fruitcake Ritter. Just as this State is being converted from red to purple to blue, the anti-gun mentality is escalating. Blame the gang of 4 and the Liberal Freak Fest called The Denver Post.

Speaking of Sams conservative boycott mentality, you should boycott Stryker Medical products, I am sure you old fogies use a few of them right now!

Bobby J.


You are correct, if you post and hit enter yet fail to enter code, your comment will never show up. The code is only required (at least for me) when I try to make consecutive post in rapid succession.


I've been loosing some good posts on this site. I've also noticed that many have stopped posting. Furthermore, I've noticed an inconsistent requirement to decipher an obscured code in order to get posted. I suspect, since this code shows only at the very bottom of the page and you have to scroll past the "POST" button, that many do not see this and simple hit the POST button and move on not knowing that their post did not register.


Now that's a guy I want as a friend............


I guess that makes me mentally deranged.

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