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January 26, 2012



Well good for Renfroe. He obviously has more faith in our future than I do. I don't think we will survive long enough for another freaking emissions test. Under our government, Rebuplicans and Democrats with Obamanation in leadership, we now have a national debt larger than our economy! Even if we taxed the rich at 100% and stopped spending we couldn't payoff the debt for decades and that means the things you have today are exactly the things you will have ten years from now. That is providing you aren't forced to sell some off when you loose your job, for if you make widgets and nobody is buying widgets, can't afford them, what employer can afford to continue paying your wages to make them??
Obamanation showed in his State of the Union address what a fool he really is. He talked about all the things we need to do to make America better; spend, spend, spend. But not a word on how we'd pay for it except tax, tax, tax. So the employer who lays you off because nobody can afford to buy his widgets anymore can't be and won't be sending Obamanation any money any more. You have to wonder who he'll turn to for those tax dollars. -It's you dear reader. Your taxes and fees on everything you need will go up.
We are in big trouble! Look, if you make $25,000 a year, but have been over spending by 10,000 a year for 10-15 years you now find you owe $125,000 or more. So when you make your yearly trip to your equity loan banker and he sees you only make $25,0000 a year and are up against $125,000 owed to him he's going to cut your line of credit off. So now you have to live on the $25,000 and make your monthly payments on the $125,000 out of it along with your regular expenses. -Hope nothing breaks!
But on top of that Obamanation wants more of your money. Because he thinks you should send it to him, he will run it through all the offices of government, pay salaries, healthcare and pensions to those government workers and miraculously be able to return your money back to you with more benefits than if you spent your money yourself.
My gosh -Obamanation can do more with your money than Jesus did with the loaves and fishes at the Sermon on the Mount. Obamantaion is so dillusional he actually believes it. Don't think so? Go back and look at his State of the Union address again. A kid at Christmas!

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