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January 19, 2012


Bobby J.

Yup, just work a little harder.


Fine--you're free to coast. I'm free to work. What's to complain about? I don't care why there's weird stuff on the dollar. Why should I?

Bobby J.

Not sure how Mike Rosen and the rest of the RINO’s hold so many contradictory thoughts in that wooded box atop their shoulders? You claim to support Ayn Rand and Alan Greenspan but yet fail to support a gold standard and you positively encourage deficit spending. Must be rough in there, a perpetual war in one’s head. No wonder why you all supported the Federal Pharmacy Bill. Unfortunately 10 different child proof bottles won’t fix that rattle can.
“This is the shabby secret of the welfare statists' tirades against gold. Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the confiscation of wealth. Gold stands in the way of this insidious process. It stands as a protector of property rights. If one grasps this, one has no difficulty in understanding the statists' antagonism toward the gold standard.” Alan Greenspan 1966 (Before he sold his soul to Statism)
Read the entire article, not much has changed.

Why would anybody work hard in system that perpetually confiscates wealth? You are allowed to keep a mere pittance in an attempt to buy your silence. Besides, anymore, the only activity’s that create wealth are those that are State sponsored and regulated. You may think you are making honest money, but you are not. Your endeavors are selected by the elite and are highly controlled. Learn how our supposed system of “capitalism” works and you will realize you are a pawn and your wealth was not justified of honest. Sorry Sale-out Slave.

Bobby J.


Work harder for myself or for the pyramid? I can work harder but I will never make enough to warrant offshore tax breaks therefore I will always be required to work harder for somebody else to the tune of 35% off the top via income tax (not to mention all the other taxes). Been there, done that, will never do it again. Rather than become a tax cheat or tax slave, I choose to coast. Oh and btw, I have worked plenty hard and have amassed plenty of “stuff”.

Shirley you never answered my question, why is all the crap on the US dollar? How did it get there? Is a simple (1) not enough?
You really should research what the eye atop the pyramid means, it has been around for 6000 years.


Bobby--maybe you should work a bit harder, earn a little money for yourself, and quit acting as though there's a conspiracy designed to keep you down. Conspiracies are the convenient excuse for the simple-minded and unsuccessful. And although I agree with your sentiments on legalizing marijuana, perhaps you should back away from the pipe for a while. I understand paranoia is a side-effect of its use--just look at Dennis.

Bobby J.

2012 is 1 last chance to get it right.

Only RP will defeat Obama, the others will fail, and if 1 happens to beat Obama, they will fail us.

Watch this 23 minute video of last night’s debate. RP highlights, even the crowd wants RP. The vote is rigged. The media is rigged. The all watching eye above the pyramid on our dollar,( why the hell is it on there?) is very powerful. BTW, you are on the very bottom of that pyramid, your labor is holding up that pyramid rather than benefiting your family. Sorry Slave.!


Does anybody believe that our government, and this administration, are deceiving us? They say there is almost no inflation, yet the statistical measurement for inflation does not include gas and groceries. Go grocery shopping lately? Many people can only afford gas and groceries, yet our inflationary measurement ignores this.

Gas is down now, even while oil is over $100 a barrel. Can you guess why? Is it an election year, or something?

Gasoline consumption in America is at a ten year low. Could that be because fewer people are driving to work? Yet we are told that unemployment is only 8.5%.

obama will get votes from the uninformed and the ignorant. From a population that believes the statistics I mentioned.


Did you think that they would defeat us with guns?

Unless we, as a country, wake up soon (and I mean VERY soon) the show is already over. You will know we are done when/if obama is re-elected, because as soon as that happens there will be an all-out, unapologetic attack on our 2nd Amendment rights.

Guns, ammo and silver.

Just try buying American Silver Eagles online right now. The demand is so high that you can't, yet the market value of silver hovers around $30 an ounce. Ann Barnhardt was correct in her assertion that the MF Global crisis would be the catalyst in separating our Mercantile Exchange from the true value of commodities. Now we are presented with a HUGE buying opportunity for silver. This opportunity will never present itself again, as the value of the dollar will plummet to literally zero.

This will leave our country completely vulnerable as we have allowed foreign access through decades of open border policy and our extreme debt to China. This has been facilitated by the democrat party, along with a few complicit republicans (that we call RINO). It is not that all democrats are consciously anti-American. It is more about their practice of prostituting themselves for votes to a public that has been brainwashed by the MSM for generations. The same public that has decayed to the point that killing innocent babies, gay marriage, rap music (listen to the lyrics), and legalizing illicit drugs has become, not only accepted, but celebrated. Social rot has become the norm, as the assault on Christianity is accelerating.

Bobby J.

So we get rid of Obama, then what?

These 3 men; Tom Davis, Jim DeMint and Judge Andrew P. Napolitano know what's up.

How are todays NeoCon Rinos going to refute what these men say?

Bobby J.

Servant or master?

Bobby J.

Mike Rosen made a major mistake today that highlighted his internal contradictions and fundamental lack of understanding. You say what, Mike is smart? Well, not really. If you are a Republican and follow him, you are probably not very smart either.
Mikes guest, James Rickards Author of Currency Wars , just before the last commercial break at 10:55 AM, told a story about real training games in which the Pentagon was attacked via currency wars. Basically the US could easily be taken down. The guest talked about flooding US currency with other currency. Mike gave the example of China flying over America and dropping pallets of perfect counterfeit US dollars and then Mike said this would make the dollar worthless and destroy America. The guest agreed and then asked Mike the simple question, how is this any different than what Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve is doing? Mike immediately cut to break and purposely changed topics upon return from commercial break. Mike only has these guests on to change and convolute their message. Mike does not see who he really is. As a matter of fact neither does Hannity, Levin, Limbaugh, Ingram and others. I have been a registered Republican since I was 18 and I have voted Republican 98% of the time. I implore you; break free of the State controlled media.

If Mike Rosen were on the side of Liberty, Clear Channel and the other State controlled media would not pay him jillions of dollars to hold the status quo.

Think about it.


"the LDS candidate"?



Adios, Newt. How funny that the main challenger to the LDS candidate is someone who essentially wanted multiple wives. I'm hoping Newt and Pelosi are both unemployed and can go on joint speaking tours.


Spot on Sam. We certainly do need to shake things up with our elections and stop letting leadership make our choices for us. Time after time, we're getting the same B.S. from them over and over again. ENOUGH!
They're doing it again in this Presidential election. The majority of the talking-heads are telling us Romney is our man: McCain, Huckabee, Nikki Haley. Everywhere, the kingmakers, wealthy politicians, are telling us what to do. They claim we need an outsider, someone outside of Washington and yet it's those inside the politics of government and Washington who are telling us how to vote. NOT THIS TIME!
And don't be fooled by what you hear from the Obamanation campaign. They're trying to convince you they're afraid of Romney. Ha, Ha, Ha. That is a Brair Rabbit ploy. The want Romney to win the nomination. Romney is the other side of the same coin Obamanation is on. It is precisely Romney that Obamanation wants to face. Obamanation will clean Romneys clock and Romney will look just like McCain did!
You have a very good chance in this election to turn things around in America. Do it this time! Newt Gingrich, if you will but give him the chance, will take Obamanation down. Gingrich is not the favorite son of the heads in the Republican party. They're telling you so daily. The Newt you have been seeing in the debates is the same Newt that Obamanation doesn't want to face. Newt won't turn into a marshmallow like McCain did or like Romney will; envision that if you can. LOL!
Newt will do to Obamanation what you have been wanting to do for the last four years.

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