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January 25, 2012


Bobby J

Re illegal labor and subcontractors: Hickenlooper promised he would address the loopholes. Campaign promise that is.

Bobby J.

Not a big Moyer fan, but you gotta watch this. We are beyond screwed and we don't even know it. The free market is dead and gone.


36 million illegals here and growing every day. What chance do we have to find a job? I know five people looking everyday and still no job, Three of them have run out of unemployment benefits and so they are not counted. Time to send the illegals home all you bleeding hearts.........


....and obama's DOJ has been after Alabama ever since.

Colorado is a blue state so this will never happen here. If there is one thing we know about liberals is that they fly in the face of reality and logic. Reality and logic are foreign concepts to liberals. That's why we cannot sway them. They don't even speak our language of logic and reality.

.... what if we left all of the grown up decisions to conservatives

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