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January 12, 2012



Some people never have anything insightful to say.
Where is Utopia anyway?


Yes, if it can harm someone, especially Dennis, it should be outlawed. Let's start with alcohol. Then, cars. That'd save hundreds of thousands of lives every year. Sound good, Dennis? Is that what freedom is all about?


The other thing that bothers me about this upcoming Colorado ballot initiative is the wording. "To regulate marijuana". I suspect many well intentioned voters will vote for it because they think that marijuana has been legalized and needs regulation. What they won't understand that marijuana is more strictly regulated than alcohol. Let's be fair and honest. That is misleading (and then of course there is the cherry on top about furthering public education), and Bobby J, typical of the antics you bemoan about the two political parties that manipulate us regularly.



...but your neighbor's kid CAN'T cope (not can)

too many drugs in me past you know


Bobby J,

I opened your link and read the article. It asks some compelling questions, but as I suspected it lead straight to Ron Paul (hey, it's an election year, right?).

Ron Paul has 90% of it right. It's the 10% that he's wrong on that is scaring away many voters. The other issue with Ron Paul is that he is a 90 degree angle, when a 2.5" radius is needed. RP would be a shoe-in with the conservatives if he could do/change two things:

#1 - Support Israel. It doesn't have to be financial, but it MUST be militarily. Israel WILL be attacked by one, or all of the following; Iran, Syria, Hamas, Russia. Israel is our best ally in the mid-East HANDS-DOWN. That get's us to the second issue.

#2 - Describe a path back to the Constitution. Obviously we are WAY off base. Today, our country doesn't even resemble what our founding fathers outlined in the Constitution. The problem is that we cannot just do an immediate about-face. RP needs to table an outlined proposal (kinda like Cain had with the 999 thing) of how we get back to the Constitution. Without that plan a majority of voters will not take him seriously.

I also adamantly disagree with legalizing illicit drugs. We may not be waging "The War on Drugs" the right way, but we cannot allow the social destruction brought on by narcotic addiction. Marijuana IS a gateway drug. I know that factually, and first hand.


On the upcoming Colorado ballot will be an initiative to regulate marijuana similarly to alcohol. They propose that the first $40m in taxes annually will go to building public schools. What is that? How pretentious! Do they think that will buy them votes? (OK, so there are a lot of simple people out there)

What's wrong with this picture?

So what, now as all of these spaced out freaks are sucking down their joints and holding back their breath they can claim that they are "educating children" and get a big ole snicker out of the idea just ahead of asking their buddy to "pass the chips man, I've got the munchies".

NO. We will not allow these bums to justify themselves in this manner. It is insulting! If anything every tax dollar squeezed out of these dopes should go to the Department of Human Services. That way the funds can go directly toward cleaning up the social mess this kind of behavior creates.

Someday, if you get a chance go down to the DHS and ask how they spend their time. Ask them if they EVER have enough funding. You know what you will hear? I'm sorry, but we just don't have the time to answer your questions. do you want to know why they don't have time? Because they are spending ALL of their time cleaning up the societal ills brought on by drug abuse. Almost exclusively.

Now you might be just fine with a toke here and there without getting involved in the drug culture, or advancing to "harder" drugs, but your neighbor's kid can cope the same way.

I'm no rookie in this game


Bobby J,

I've been saying that for some time. I call it the "Good-Cop, Bad-Cop" approach.

Bobby J.


The Judge agrees with you. We are being played like a cheap fiddle.

What if Democrats and Republicans were two wings of the same bird of prey?

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