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January 18, 2012


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Can you do better than really bad poetry, Dennis?


Oh my God, the newspaper, the credible newspaper!
I forgot about the newspaper!
Born this day unto a single woman.
Where's my daddy?
Daddy doesn't love mommy anymore.
I'll see him only once in my life. I must makeup a great book about him.
Then he will love me because I'll explain how great Africa could have been without Guns, Germs, and Steel.
I am the perfect son of what what should have been a virgin civilization.
That's why my daddy was mad, drove drunk wrecking his car and himself, rejected for his politics, we slept on many different relatives couches, scared, embarrassed, alone. Daddy didn't like grandpa. Grandpa bought a farm and joined the free market!
Daddy changed his name from Barack to Barry. So I will take care of him now and be his protector; I will change my name from Barry to Barack. That makes me the father. I can erase the past. I will coverup my past even from the Gods!
But I forgot that dam newspaper! Because of that, I couldn't be born of a virgin.
It would be easier if people thought I was a God too.
Oh well, they can't crucify me!
Maybe I'll inherit the earth.


Dennis: just once, explain the newspaper birth announcement. Was that all part of his parents' conspiracy to make their otherwise ineligible son eligible for president at the very time of his birth? Have you ever had a rational conversation on the subject with someone you disagree with?


Way to go Obamanation; you just rejected the Keystone Pipeline in favor of EPA over jobs! You must have really gotten your little n*ts in a bind to slit your own throat like that in an election year when unemployment is 8.5% ( more like 16%), you've just cut military spending and Iran's threatening to block oil shipments, you've increased the national debt by 5 Trillion all by yourself, and even Occupy Wall Streeters are throwing smoke bombs at your house!
You gotta be the most morally bankrupt predator to ever roam the earth. Four more years of you and even your mother will want a refund!


It is clear, to the point of fact that obama is NOT a citizen of the USA. I would bet my life on it. Only the democrats would "vet" a candidate so obviously unqualified. It is a perfect case of how easy it is to manipulate the masses through our MSM. It is also a perfect example of how poorly we have educated our youth, with bias, and with liberal indoctrination; with unionized teachers.

I pray that we can turn this country back into America without violence, but if that is what it takes.......

How can a candidate for the POTUS seal his records from the public?

Better yet, how could any sane individual vote for him?

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