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January 04, 2012



There's no such thing as the Colorado DOJ. Funny.




What does it mean that they are "chosen?"

Mike Rosen is Jewish by ancestry only. He is agnostic at most. He mocks ignorance. I understand why you are sensitive to that, Dennis.



Give me one example of Colorado DOJ ruling in favor of conservatives. I'm sure you can find one.



I too dislike Mike Rosen. More for his incendiary attitude to callers than anything else. I cringe when he speaks with anyone on the phone. I wonder if he treats people in-person the same way. I'm sure that if he did, then he probably has no remaining natural teeth.

Ever read the Old Testament? It gives purpose to the New Covenant. The Jewish are God's chosen people. Does that make them right all the time (Mike Rosen would tell you yes)? No. Does that make them sin free, or better than everybody else? No. They are simply the people God has chosen. They draw much jealousy and criticism for that. As He would have it.

worry not

Peter Himmelman

And Sam, I'll stop switching stupid pseudonyms when you stop blocking my posts.

You labor under the pretense that you are carrying on the noble traditions of the 4th Estate, using words like "freedom" "balance" and "truth-seeking", yet your editorials are so slanted, so biased, so undisturbed by factual information you should be teaching a creative writing class.

If you can't stand the burden of being a forum for truth, freedom, and balance, by allowing posts of all varied viewpoints, then fine. Just clean up your masthead to read "Welcome to Sam's Blog: His Take on Everything". That would be honest and correct.

Peter Himmelman


I agree that the legal system has a big activist component. I'm just tired of conservatives calling it a liberal activist Supreme Court when it does something not to their liking, but then when it does things that are blatantly activist in any other direction (conservative agendas or corporate shilling or God knows what else), the right-wingers are strangely okay with this. EVERYONE should not be okay with this!

Jenny Handover

Peter Himmelman wrote: They do what their corporate masters tell them to do, especially since Citizens United passed. So much for that cute idea that the Supreme Court is an activist liberal body.
Peter are you suggesting the liberal body politic is not also corporate not also State?

Peter, all the courts are activist, you just fail to see what the end goal is. Citizens United helps their end goal, even if you cannot see the bigger picture.

The entire judicial system is not only activist, it is completely corrupt and nothing more than an extension of the State, rather than a third independent branch. They make the concepts of innocent till proven guilty and jury by peers a flash in the pan. Also the courts have substantially hampered the legislative branch. This is not a good thing.

Jenny Handover

And to the grammar/spelling Nazis, annually not annualy.

Jenny Handover

Alert: Off topic yet relevant warning!

After the Denver Post abolished my online identity, I refuse to find another way in, however I am compelled to comment in response to Mike Rosen’s latest column.

Near the end, Mike purports to have the correct constitutional language to fix school funding. I honor Mike for finally making a real suggestion rather than only spewing pontifications, however I think Mike is wrong and Mike is still living in world of hypocrisy and inherent Jewish stinginess, let me explain.

Rosen wrote: “ If the Colorado Supremes don't resolve this impasse, a common sense remedy would amend Article IX, Section 2 of the state constitution (new language in italics): "The General Assembly shall ... provide for the establishment and maintenance of a through and uniform system of free public schools throughout the State within its budgetary means and with regard for necessary and sufficient funding for all other essential state government services and responsibilities of greater, equal or lesser importance."

Let me explain why Mike's language will not solve any problems and actually create more.

“within its budgetary means” Okay, so Statist will simply increase the budget. “ with regard for necessary and sufficient funding for all other essential services” Okay, so the statist will simply increase the budget. “ responsibilities of greater, equal or lesser importance.” Okay, without the price mechanism, there is no method for determining importance.

If Mike Rosen were a true free marketer as he often claims, he would simply suggest the word “free” be removed. OR better yet, remove the entire mandate of State provided education.

Now let me defend my charge of hypocrisy and inherent stinginess. Mike is hypocritical for many reasons but let me call him on the main trick he always plays. He gets us to think of the budget in terms of the “total pie”. Why is this bad? 40% of what? If the total pie is too small, then 40% will be too small, on the other hand, if the total pie is far to large, 40% will be far to large. Now take this thinking to the Federal budget pie. Mike screams up and down that military spending is only 20%. 20% of what? 20% or 660Billion ANNUALY is a huge number. Mike did cut his teeth in the armed serviced and pentagon, therefore his allegiances will always be there.

Now let me get to the inherent stinginess. Mike is pro anything that benefits him directly and anti-anything that redistributes his wealth. For example, Mike enjoys public education because his children can obtain a decent education at a fraction for the price he would be required to pay if he took the private route. Even after a convoluted tax system, the wealthy still come out on top when using public services. Let me give another example. Mike recently spent time in the hospital. During his first on air interview after the stay, he explained how American healthcare was super awesome. He explained that service was great and that all his coworkers at Clear Channel were able to garner access to the same great system even though they make only 10-12 per hour. Mike just highlighted the entire problem with the healthcare system, pre and post Obamcare. Let me explain. Mike pays the same for his health insurance through Clear Channel and United Healthcare as do the 10 dollar per hour employees, yet Mike earns 10-20 times more per hour. Healthcare is the ultimate regressive tax system. Mike Rosen and Jon Caldara are fighting tooth and nail to maintain status quo, why?

It was a comment similar to this that I believe led to my permanent suspension at the Denver Post. Having closely watched and listened to the recent media treatment of the real conservative, Ron Paul, I am convinced the media, including but not limited to AM talk radio, is controlled by the Jewish people. NOT Christians. I know this is the MOST unpopular position I could take and I will be immediately label a racist anti-Semite. I have nothing against the race for race sakes. It is there system of usury and soft enslavement that I despise. Regardless of race or religion, if you are a hypocritical, stingy slave driver, I strongly dis-like you.

All Christians should stop being Jewish lapdogs/statist lapdogs and start following the real mandate of Christ. Sure Israel is mentioned in the Bible but to place Israeli above Christ is simple blasphemy and false idolatry.


Kodak and its board have weighed a potential bankruptcy filing for months. Advisers told Kodak a filing would make its patent sale easier and likely allow the company to command a higher price, people familiar with the matter have said.
The obligation to cover pension and health-care costs for retirees could also be purged through bankruptcy proceedings, the people said.
Those obligations—which run to hundreds of millions of dollars a year—as well as the unprofitable state of Kodak's new businesses, have made the company undesirable as a takeover target, people familiar with the matter said.

Another chink in the armor of progressivism.
I can't say I'm surprised or disappointed!


Redistribution of wealth is the transfer of income, wealth or property from some individuals to others caused by a social mechanism such as taxation, monetary policies, welfare, nationalization, charity, divorce or tort law.
Most often it refers to progressive redistribution, from the rich to the poor,

although it may also refer to regressive redistribution, from the poor to the rich.

And that's the truth of it.

Bobby J.

We mistakenly allowed a near infinite voter franchise and direct election of senators. Actually we have exactly the government the “people” want.

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