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January 10, 2012


Bobby J.


There is NO workable form of wealth redistribution.



I did not misunderstand your post, but I do think I misled you with mine. Mine was actually two parts. I should have made two posts. I agreed with your post, and commented that we no longer have a Representative Republic.


You must have misunderstood my post.
The point was that the whole of the people of America, or any other country, could never conform to life in a monastery. Besides that, the leaders of such a monastery would need to act as an example and that is the biggest problem. Our leaders all want to be kings!
My largest complaint with the whole situation is the number of everyday Americans who are falling for the scam. I'm surrounded by them; friends, neighbors, relatives. They all have a gimmick to get their share of the freebie-pie. I can envision myself being the last one that's suppose to support all these laggards. They are selling me down river, but don't see they're doing it to themselves and their kids too.
I hate them for that. I hope they all die with regret on their lips and guilt in their eyes. I hate them!

Reread my post Dennis. Don't know what is there that confused you.




We are no longer a Representative Republic.

Why didn't the government provide my family with a micro-wave oven when I was growing up? We actually had to cook our meals on a stove. Our entire family had to sit down and eat at the dinner table at the same time, if we wanted a hot meal. I MUST have been underprivileged.

How unfair! Does the government owe me for this social discrepancy?


The only workable form of wealth redistribution, "from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs", requirers purity of heart dedicated to a comman means for survival, such as in a monastery away from any outside form of competition.

There is no monastery in the world that operates under a mandate of "divide and conquer", using terms like "I", "We" or, "The enemy". That would be self defeating and does not define redistribution at all. Those tactics are reserved for generals and governments to enslave. And by wordsmiths like Obamanation.

How can a man who claims and is said to be scholarly in American law, ascending to the presidency of the USA, taking an oath to defend all Americans not just a few be so confused?

This you must ask yourself or have some claim to speciality. Dependancy is not a high calling.

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