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February 01, 2012


Tyrant Fighter

Thank You Brett Reese for trying to right the sinking ship, and it is amazing you fought so long and hard with no support! Again Thank You for your attempts.


Back in the old days kids were educated by our Christian churches, but we have banned God from our country. Right?


That's interesting Bobby J. We had our kids in private Christian schools up until their High School years. The contrast was stark. The cost to educate our kids in private schools was one third of the cost the government takes from us in taxes; however, this cost was out-of-pocket to us. That's where the rub is. If you want a choice and are willing/able to pay for private school, you still have to pay for the public schools. In other words; we don't have a choice. No freedom in that.

The dilemna for our government is how to educate the underprivileged. If the 50% of us that pay taxes are the only people that can afford private schooling, and if those costs were tax deductible, then who will pay to educate the underprivileged that pay no taxes? Who would pay to educate the illegal immigrants? We do, because we left that in the hands of the government.

So we continue the march to marxist-communism through the indoctrination of our children, because we have no choice.

Perhaps we could charge a state tax on those that pay no other taxes because they don't earn enough, specifically to pay for their kids education? Could they at least pay that? They could still drive on our roads for free. They could still be defended by our military for free.

Any other ideas?

Bobby J.

The text book company’s and teachers union own education and purposely make education take 12 years or more. Those that learn to read do so in spite of the curriculum.

My boy learned reading, writing and simple arithmetic by attending COVA (accredited online charter school from Adams 12 School district) just his kindergarten year. A curriculum and learning style you will not find in any brick and mortar public school here in Colorado or Nationwide. The program works and does not require any text books, long days and tons of teachers. No wonder why these crooks hate charters and home schools and other alternatives.

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