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February 20, 2012



Bobby J,

Get out of the deep-end! There are no lifeguards on duty.

....and I thought I was bad

Bobby J.

Revisionist history.

It was about State Sovereigntry. It was about forcing the Confederates to pay the lions share of the Nations taxes.

King Lincoln was a National Fascist as is most of the Republican party still to this day.


I'm not a necon. I've always been conservative. The Civil War was principally about slavery.

Bobby J.

The Civil war was not about Slavery anyways. It was about Taxes. Sorry you have been lied to all tehse years. It is called revisonist history.

Yes slavery was on its way out. It was a matter of years. IT was gone in most of America anyways. Even if the war was actually about slavery, there was NO need to murder 600,000-700,00 Americans. Think about what you are suggesting. Murder is better than life,lol.

Gotta love NeoCons.


Did we honor God when we protected slavery in the constitution? Were we better then? What about when our laws (and more recently, "Christian universities") outlawed interracial relationships? Better then?

And Bobby, when something as abjectly evil as slavery is in practice, the moral thing to do is just wait for it to (hopefully) end?


Gee Bobby, when do ya think it woulda ended?


I fondly remember those days, when we did celebrate those two great presidents. We were a different country then. America is what we were. Americans still exist to this day, in what was once called America. Sadly now, Americans have watched idly as our freedoms and liberty were taken from us by the marxist-communists over the last two generations. During that time our great nation abandoned God; and now, we reap......

It was the Confederates that fired the first shot of the Civil War, at Fort Sumter. The Civil War was perhaps America's most profound time in history, defining America almost as much as our Constitution.


Lincoln, in the beginning, wasn't so concerned about slavery, he was most concerned about holding the Union together. As the war proceeded, the economy worsened, and his concern for the Constitution, that all men are created equal, he began to see how inner related it all was.
Had it not been for Lincoln the south would have left the Union, slavery would have continued for years, and the south today could be called Spanish-America.
You like eee?

Bobby J.

Lincoln sarted an illegal war that needlesly killed 600,000+ Americans. He was an ego maniac.

Slavery would have ended eventually.

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