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February 28, 2012



Watch him now to December.
It's wearing on him; he's found he can't satisfy the appetite of the left without declaring himself king and even then he's stuck because there's no money, he's hamstrung, in just four years he has gotten much grayer, he campaigns like a souther Babtist minister, beating on the podium creating a beat like a drum, and now he's getting mad. But we all get mad and when we do we either instantly know how we got ourselves into the mess or we are taught that lesson by time. Obama knows he screwed up. He let people put him in office that didn't care one hoot about him, but about their own agenda. Obama was drunk enough on that supposed adoration that the m***** brought out the Lincoln Bible and wrapped himself in it. Now the rest of the tribe know he's an Uncle Tom whoes Sold Them Down River. Lookup what the meaning of that is. It's exactly what Obamanation has done.
He's trapped and for once a former president will be totally hated by both sides. Just give it a little time.


Right on powerball.........He makes me want to puke.........


This story made the O'Reilly Factor tonight -It's gone national.

What a phoney Obamanation is. First he hits the churches over contraception then he turns around and wants church members to campaign for him.

Someone stop him! He's putting Hitler to shame!

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